The next big smartphone could have a screen that folds in half


Last week Apple unveiled their plans for the next iPhone and the internet collectively had a meltdown.

The thoughts of a pink iPhone threw people into a complete whirlwind of emotions, and with the news of their new and improved front facing camera selfie lovers could not contain themselves.

While once upon a time people were skeptical about the iPhone screen size, smartphone users now appear to have embraced the plus sized phones with open arms. Although, there was that small issue of people facing bent phones when they tried to pop them in their pockets.

Now imagine this: a smartphone with a high-resolution screen like the iPhone you love but even bigger, and it can fold in half.

Mashable reports that an insider has said Samsung are in the middle of testing such a device. The rumours claim that the device is not the much-anticipated Galaxy S7, and also that it may only be available in South Korea.

That is not altogether unusual however as the company released the Galaxy Round, a phone with a curved display before they settled on the Galaxy S6 Edge which boasts curved edges. The Galaxy Round was only ever released in South Korea.

The company have previously released concepts for devices with folded displays and it is thought their smartphone would be released in attempts to win over Apple customers. The concept has been floated by the company since 2014, but reports are claiming it could soon be a reality.