Hate those default apps on your iPhone? Here’s how to hide them


If you are an iPhone user, you are more than likely aware of those annoying non-deletable apps that plague your phone. 

We have never needed to check the Stocks and we really don't know what the Wallet app does? Oh and we have enough friends already without the Find Friends application (but your guess is as good as ours as to how it works). 

Well, instead of trying to hide these apps by putting them all into a folder and doing your best to forget about them, one tech savvy YouTuber has finally given us a simple solution to rid ourselves of these useless apps for good. 

Now unfortunately you cannot actually delete the apps permanently from your phone (curse you Apple!), but you CAN hide them permanently from your home screen meaning you don't ever have to actually look at them again. 


Tech vlogger, videosdebarriquito, demonstrates in this handy little video exactly how you can do this. 

Careful though, because he doesn't show you how to get them back once they are hidden!