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You may have heard a thing or two about Jason Momoa, the Aquaman star who got his big break after playing the terrifying Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

He's infamous for the role, in which he portrays the chieftain of the Dothraki tribe and the husband of the Mother of Dragons, played by Emilia Clarke.

However, the language barrier meant that Momoa had very few lines, and most of his actions were pretty violent, so he wasn't exactly likeable.


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I mean, the guy is SCARY. 

Momoa visited the Graham Norton show this week to promote his character in the DC universe, Aquaman, and his struggle following his turn in Game of Thrones.

His character was killed off in 2011, and the actor admits that his career took a slight dive after his role ended; "I didn't get much work after that," Momoa says.

Describing the reaction of those who meet him in person, he said;

"I mean, what do you do with that – his character doesn't speak English, he's not funny and he just hurts people. I played that character well so it was a bit challenging afterwards. People would literally say, 'Wow, you speak English!'"


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Momoa reprised his starring role in Game of Thrones for a GAS Saturday Night Live sketch, though his time on the fantasy show is over.

The actor told Digital Spy a while back that he's not featured in any scenes for the final season of the HBO phenomenon, saying: "Yeah… he's not coming back. Nine years now, let him go."

Watch the full interview with Jason Momoa on The Graham Norton show tomorrow, Aquaman is out now in the UK.

If you need us, we'll be rewatching the full SNL sketch multiple times…



JK Rowling faced criticism this week after defending the choice to cast Johnny Depp in the upcoming film The Crimes of Grindelwald.

The film, a spin-off from the iconic Harry Potter series, will feature Depp as the leading character. 

Depp was accused of domestic violence and abuse by his ex-partner Amber Heard during their divorce proceedings. Rowling released a statement on her website to say:

'The huge, mutually supportive community that has grown up around Harry Potter is one of the greatest joys of my life.'

'For me personally, the inability to speak openly to fans about this issue has been difficult, frustrating and at times painful.'

'However, the agreements that have been put in place to protect the privacy of two people, both of whom have expressed a desire to get on with their lives, must be respected.' 

'Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.'

Rowling's statement was met with massive disappointment from fans. 

Many accused her of hypocrisy, after penning a famous novel series about an abused boy to then defend someone who is an alleged domestic abuser. 


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Amber herself has accused the author of taking her statement following her 2016 divorce from Depp out of context. 

'To pick and choose certain lines and quote them out of context, is just not right,' she posted to Instagram.

'Women, continue to stand up and stay strong.'


The internet went into overdrive this week when Amber Heard and her boyfriend Elon Musk called it quits on their relationship. 

The tech mogul and the actress split after one year of dating. 

The pair remained quiet about their reasons for splitting, but now Elon has given some insight into the situation. 


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Commenting on one of Amber's Instagram photos, Elon had this to say:

'Btw, just to clear up some of the press storm this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another.'

'Long distance relationship when both partners have intense work obligations are always difficult, but who knows what the future holds.'


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The comment was on a snap of Amber filming, where she compared herself to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. 

'They had fun for a few months, but are both very busy with work now. It was getting hard to find time to see each other,' 'a source told People.

'Elon is working day and night. This is his life and he loves it. He is in no position to be in a relationship right now and ended it.'



It looks like Amber Heard is all loved up!

For the past few months, rumours have been flying that the actress is in a relationship with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

And it seems like the star has finally confirmed the news with an Instagram post.

The photo shows Amber sitting beside Elon in a restaurant, and if you look closely you'll noticed a lipstick mark on Elon's face.



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Amber simply captioned the picture, "Cheeky."

According to E! News, "[Amber] is currently filming Aquaman in Australia, and on Sunday she took a well-deserved break for an afternoon adventure with the billionaire Tesla founder.

"Amber and Elon were photographed with their arms around each other, strolling through Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as they prepared to embark on the attraction's zip lining course."

Amber's divorce from Johnny Depp was finalised in January, while Elon filed for divorce from his wife in 2015.


Johnny Depp has been in the dog house with fans after allegations from now ex-wife Amber Rose that Johnny was the perpetrator of domestic violence towards her. 

However, the tide is clearly turning back in favour of the actor as he accepted a People's Choice Award for Favourite Movie Icon last night.

The star was noticeably humble in has acceptance as he thanked fans for the honour. 

"I appreciate it very much, you have no idea how much I appreciate it" he told the crowd.

"I truly feel that need to thank you," he said. 

The star also made reference to the fans who stood by him "through whatever good times or bad," seemingly referencing the allegations from his ex.

But not everyone believes that the star should be forgiven in the eyes of the public so soon. 

"Johnny Depp deserves to be in prison and y'all stay giving him awards."

"Abusers gonna abuse. Congrats on enabling that," said one outraged ex-fan.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just finalised their divorce mere days ago.

The pair settled their divorce and her domestic violence case with a $7 million dollar settlement. 

Amber plans to split the settlement and donate it to the American Civil Liberties Union, who work to prevent violence against women, and the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


Amber Heard has always been vocal about the alleged domestic violence she suffered at the hands of now ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The 30-year-old wrote a powerful open letter in Porter where she spoke out about her experiences ad gave her advice to women the world over who are victims of abuse. 

"You are not alone. You may have suffered alone behind closed doors, but you are not alone. You need to know that. I want to remind you of your strength, a strength that has been multiplied by the number of women who stand silently behind you—a truth that allowed me to break down the doors I once found myself behind," she began.

"Let's start with the truth—the cold, hard truth. When a woman comes forward to speak out about injustice or her suffering, instead of aid, respect and support, she will be met with hostility, scepticism and shame. Her motives will be questioned and her truth ignored."


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'I never felt like anyone would or could rescue me, so naturally I resented the label of "victim."

"As I write this today, I can promise every woman who is suffering in silence, you are not alone. You may not see us, but we are there," finished the actress.

The letter comes after the star's moving video about domestic violence was pulled from the internet, presumably because it was in breach of the confidentially clause included in her divorce settlement with actor Johnny Depp. We hope this letter doesn't go the same way. 



Amber Heard tearfully discussed the details of her experiences with domestic violence in a powerful video that has since disappeared from the internet.

The video showed the actress emotionally recalling how she felt during the alleged abuse at the hands of her now ex-husband Johnny Depp.

She settled her divorce with Johnny Depp earlier this year after claiming that the actor was "verbally and physically abusive."

In the video, Amber recalls her feelings of shame during the alleged abuse.

"'I guess there was a lot of shame attached to that, the label of victim."

"It happens to so many women you know. When it happens in your home behind closed doors with someone you love, it’s not straightforward. If a stranger did this it would be a no-brainer,'" she said in the video, which was uploaded by the Girl Gaze Project.

The model said that the only way we can start to move forward in preventing domestic violence is if women will come forward.

"You don't have to do it alone. You're not alone, and we can change this."

"Speak up, speak up. Raise your voice, your voice is the most powerful thing and we, together, as women standing shoulder to shoulder cannot and will not any longer accept silence."

The video was released on Friday to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Towards Women.

In a strange turn of events, the video has now been set to private, and a corresponding Facebook post to promote the "public service announcement" has also been erased. 



Amber Heard is being sued for $10m for allegedly sabotaging her new movie, London Fields.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, producers of the movie feel that she has "caused substantial harm to the picture."

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The lawsuit reads: "Heard's conspiracy, her campaign against the picture, and her contractual breaches have damaged the picture, causing substantial harm to the plaintiff, the picture, and the picture's investors."

It also accuses the actress of refusing to do any promotional duties, which includes missing the premiere of the film, as well as refusing to take part in scenes that she was contracted to do.

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"As a result of Heard's refusal to comply with her contractual obligations – including her improper refusal to act in provocative scenes contained in the pre-approved script – key scenes in the script had to be removed and/or rewritten to accommodate Heard's behaviour."

Amber stars alongside Cara Delevingne and Billy Bob Thornton, and her former hubby, Johnny Depp also makes a cameo appearance in the new flick.


The Johnny Depp divorce saga is never ending, with new information surfacing all the time. 

Well, one of Johnny's old pals has weighed in on the matter, and it is not what you expect. 

Marilyn Manson, who happens to be Lily Rose Depp's Godfather, has spoken out about how Johnny has been mistreated.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the rocker said that "Johnny is one of the nicest people that I know. I know that he was completely crucified—unjustly."

Marilyn got really honest about his feelings towards his pal's divorce.

"I would stand by him on anything. As my friend, I know that he's handling it the best he can and he's a great Dad, too."

The Tainted Love singer also claimed that the abuse allegations made by Amber heard were not true, and he would be willing to testify. 

"Of course I think that all of it was bullshit, and I think that he is a great person. I wouldn't agree with any of it if someone were to put me on the stand and ask me what I know, or what I've witnessed."

Who knew these two were such close friends?

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were married back in 2015, having been dating for three years.

Amber filed for divorce earlier this year, after a number of domestic abuse allegations were made against Johnny. 




Just when we thought it was all over and done with, Amber Heard has fired back at Johnny after he donated money to charity in Amber's name, and as well as that, she apparently wants her ex-hubby to give $14m away rather than the agreed $7m.

According to TMZ, Amber's team said that Johnny is not being truthful about his latest move because he will get a charitable tax deduction when he donates the moola to ACLU and the Children's Hospital of LA.

Amber's people told the gossip site: "If Johnny wishes to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he honour the full amount by donating $14m to charity, which after accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7M payment obligation to Amber.

"We would also insist that the full amount be paid immediately and not drawn out over many years," they added.

It doesn't seem like this is going to end anytime soon!


Earlier this month it was announced that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had officially ended their high-profile divorce case with a $7 million settlement being awarded to the Texan actress.

And while most people would take the money and try to move on from months of courtroom drama, Amber admirably made the decision to donate the entire sum to two charities of her choice: The American Civil Liberties Union and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, her now ex-husband Johnny is “heaping praise” on the Rum Diary actress for deciding to donate the sum, and has already sent cheques to both organisations on Amber’s behalf to begin the process which will eventually see each group receive $3.5 million.

A rep for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor told TMZ: “Following Amber Heard's announcement that her divorce settlement was to be divided equally and gifted to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and the American Civil Liberties Union, two exceptionally deserving and important charities, Johnny Depp has sent the first of multiple instalments of those monies to each charity in the name of Amber Heard, which when completed will honour the full amount of Ms Heard's pledge.”

“Ms Heard's generosity in giving to these wonderful causes is deeply respected,” they continued.

The news comes after months of allegations during which Amber had a restraining order issued against Johnny – which has now been dropped – and claimed that the Golden Globe winner had domestically abused her.

When filing for divorce the 30-year-old model stated “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for wanting to end her 15-month marriage. 

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The nasty divorce between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is finally over, and it looks like Amber is totally ready to move on with her life.

Speaking to TMZ, the actress said that she's going to give all of the money that she received in the divorce to not one, but two charities.

"The donation will be divided equally between the ACLU, with a particular focus to stop violence against women, and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, where I have worked as a volunteer for the past ten years," Amber explained.

While speaking to the site, she also said that it wasn't about the money in the first place.

"Money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to defend themselves."

Amber added, "Hopefully this experience results in a positive change in the lives of people who need it the most."