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It's wedding bells once again for Alan Hughes and Karl Broderick, after an on-air proposal this morning.

Alan popped the question to his partner of over 20 years on the Ireland AM set, directly after an on-air segment about the Marriage Equality Bill finally being signed into Irish law.

The couple celebrated their civil partnership back in 2011 with a massive reception at Dublin's Mansion House, but now that they can legally marry there'll no doubt be more celebrations to come.

Viewers were quick to congratulate the happy couple after Alan got down on one knee this morning, in front of his co-hosts Mark Cagney and Sinéad Desmond:

Speaking ahead of last year's Marriage Equality Referendum, Alan said he just wanted to be extended the same right to marriage as other Irish citizens.

"Just to have it that I am allowed to be married like any other person in the country. It seems like a basic human right to be able to be married to someone which at the moment you cannot do," he said.

Just weeks after their 2011 celebrations, the couple underwent a series of family tragedies, which included the deaths of both Alan's sister and Karl's mother.

"Soon after we came back from our honeymoon my sister started to get quite ill," Alan told VIP magazine in 2012.

"The day before Christmas Eve Karl’s mam was admitted to Beaumont with pneumonia.

"Christmas Eve we were in St Vincent’s hospital with Karl’s dad, who was called in for a liver transplant. And Christmas day my sister was taken into the oncology unit in St James’ Hospital." 

Alan has since referred to that period as "the worst two weeks of our years together," admitting it led to serious tension between them.

"We survived it, but we never stopped rowing at the time," he said.

Three years on though, the couple are still going strong – and we can't wait for the second round of celebrations.



Huge congrats are in order for TV3's Karen Koster this evening, as she has just confirmed she is expecting her second child.

The Xposé presenter already has a ten-month-old son with her husband John McGuire.

Having waited until she was five months along to make news of her second pregnancy public, Karen said she was delighted to finally share it.

"I’m absolutely over the moon," the 35-year-old told The Irish Mirror. 

"I feel like I’ve been keeping a secret. It is such a relief to finally tell people and get my belly out."

Karen's new arrival will be born next March – a little over a year after she welcomed her son Finn.

Although she feels "blessed" to be expecting again, Karen admitted she has some new worries this time around.

"I know now that I can survive the night feeds and all the labour and that gory stuff.

"But now my worries are more like, 'How am I going to go to the bathroom when I have a baby who wants his bottle and I’ve Finn wobbling around?'"

Of course, there is one perk of having two under two – Karen says she'll have an excuse to spend less time in the gym.

"I just have to lose the first round of baby fat, I can just put on more baby fat so it saves me a whole year in the gym," she joked.

Karen and her businessman husband John married in the summer of 2013 in a gorgeous ceremony in Taormina, Italy.

In a recent interview the expectant mum said married life was a hugely positive step forward for herself and her husband of two years.

"It’s funny, I didn’t think life after getting married would be that different, but the relationship actually is — we’re more of a unit now," she told the Irish Independent.


With a weekend of lashing rain forecast, it seems our hopes of an Indian summer have been dashed.

But bad weather and darker evenings aren't all bad, as it gives us every excuse to curl up in front of the telly with a cup of tea. Luckily for us couch addicts, there are some seriously great new homegrown shows hitting TV screens this autumn and winter.

Here are a few we can't wait to check out.

F**k Cancer, RTÉ2
Earlier this year, 2fm host Louise McSharry was given the all-clear from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but the documentary takes us back in time to her diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This is an honest, emotional and truthful look at cancer, something that has affected the lives of so many of us. F**k Cancer is part of Reality Bites, RTÉ2's ongoing series of one-off documentaries. Watch it Thursday 17th September at 9.30pm.


Panti: The Queen of Ireland, RTÉ2
Work on this documentary started almost five years ago, long before Rory O'Neill's alter ego Panti Bliss became a household name worldwide.  Follow Ireland's most famous drag queen as she leads the campaign for LGBT rights in this country and around the world. Another Reality Bites documentary, though no air date has been confirmed just yet.


Vogue's Mean Girls, RTÉ2
​This three-part documentary series follows Irish model Vogue Williams as she meets women who are living their lives on the edge. Sex workers, MMA fighters, reformed gang members and criminals on death row… Mean Girls is not one for the faint-hearted.


Crumlin, RTÉ1
Have the tissues at the ready for this in-depth look at life in Our Lady's Childrens' Hospital in Crumlin, filmed on the wards over eight months. Doctors, nurses, patients and parents all feature in this emotional look at the world of paediatric medicine. The series started last night, Thursday September 10th. 


A Week To My Wedding, RTÉ1
​We love a good wedding reality show, and RTÉ has capitalised on the success of Say Yes To The Dress with their own romantic series. A Week To My Wedding follows six couples in, you've guessed it, the week leading up to their wedding day. We're already looking forward to the Bridezilla tantrums…


Saturday AM/Sunday AM, TV3
Ireland's most popular morning news and entertainment show just expanded to the weekends. Saturday AM and Sunday AM kicked off last month, presented by Laura Woods, Anna Daly, Ivan Yates, Tommy Martin and Simon Delaney… with a more lie-in friendly start time of 9am.


Bridget and Eamon, RTÉ2
​Ireland's favourite Eighties mammy and daddy have landed their own series, starring Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O'Shea. We have high hopes for this series… expect to see lots of shoulder pads, indoor smoking and wooden spoon waving.



On this week’s Wired Niamh Geaney is joined back in studio by TV fanatics Conor Behan and Ciara O’Dohery to natter about the TV World.

In the X Factor we take a look at abuse allegations, thank the heavens Fleur didn’t win the final and how Cheryl is taking over the internet!

With Christmas only days away we also reveal what the TV world has in store for us over the festive season!

Join us back here tomorrow for The Line-Up, you weekly event guide.


The Late Late Toy Show is undoubtedly one of Irish television’s highlights of the year, so the news we’re about to share will no doubt be very welcome to you all!

There will not be just one, but TWO Christmas Toy Shows this year.

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

The fine folk at TV3 have noticed just how bonkers the nation goes for Ryan Tubridy in a Christmas jumper, and have decided to produce their own version of the beloved show this coming festive season.

A double dose of toy show madness? We are beyond excited!

Not many details about the project have been revealed so far, except that the show will run for 90 minutes and will be broadcast live from the RDS on Friday, Nov 21st.

And who are they lining up to rival Ryan? Well, all we know so far is that it’s a well-known celebrity face.

Hmm. We can’t wait to find out more!



There is big news this afternoon as Peter O’Riordan has been announced as a new presenter for TV3’s Xposé.

Now, if you think you haven’t heard this name before, we are here to tell you that you have. Oh, you definitely have.

Back when Queen Beyoncé (yes, that is her name) and Jay-Z visited Ireland with their little girl, Blue Ivy, TMZ did a very questionable report in which Peter said that people in Ireland wouldn’t know who they are.

Here's a quick reminder:

TV3 announced the news on their website as well as at the launch, writing: "Peter brings a wealth of experience to Xposé having risen from a Field Producer to Assignment Manager at TMZ's LA offices and he has played a part in breaking some of the biggest pop culture news stories in the world including the deaths of Whitney Houston and Paul Walker, and Jay-Z and Solange's elevator fight."

Peter spoke of his delight at his new position, saying: "After almost four years of working with he number 1 celebrity news outlet TMZ, I am ecstatic to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing brand and networks being Xposé and TV3."


Will this new Tallafornia style show be as successful as Geordie Shore or The Valleys? 



Anna Daly has volunteered herself for some ‘touching up’ this week, as part of Ireland AM’s Love Your Body week.

We wouldn’t fancy watching someone point out exactly what was wrong with our photo, and poor Anna was no different:

“Of course I felt self-conscious as they adjusted my waistline, but what was harder was showing the pictures to a focus group of teenagers from around the country, it was like they were playing spot-the-difference with the before and after pictures.

“You would not want to be over-sensitive if you’re getting photoshopped.”

Thankfully, Anna isn’t obsessed with her appearance:

“I’ve had two kids recently and my body shape has changed. I probably do need to lose a few pounds but it’s not something that keeps me up at night by any means.

“I don’t feel pressure to look a certain way. If I felt any pressure I’d be skinny.”

What do you think of her before and after pictures? Apparently the graphic designers got rid of the visible veins on Anna’s feet, slimmed her waist and face, removed a scar on her arm and altered her skin tone.



Watch as this poor presenter had a bit of chair trouble this morning but kept his poise throughout…fairplay!