It's safe to say that we know nearly every Taylor Swift song is about a guy she's dated in the past.

However, sometimes we just can't place which song is about what guy.

There's Dear John, which is easy, but some just slam us. 'Is that Harry Styles you're on about or Jake Gyllenhaal?' Who knows.

But now, one thing we do know is what song is about Taylor Lautner.

The pair dated back in the summer of 2009, and had the cutest celeb couple name ever – Taylor Squared.

And how did we found out about this, you ask? From Lea Michele, no less.

While speaking on a Facebook Live video for Scream Queens, the conversation quickly turned to past relationships.

That's where Lea chimes in, "Didn't [Taylor] write a song about you?" to which Mr Lautner replies. "That's what she does. She wrote songs."

And then he drops the bomb, "It's called Back to December."

We'll BRB… just gonna replay Back to December over and over and over again.