Get your glow on! We asked a self tan expert for all her top tips


It's no secret that us Irish girls have a bit of an obsession with fake tan. 

Our fair pale complexions weren't exactly designed for direct sun-light, and well, we'd rather get our glow from a bottle than risk damaging our skin.

However, it comes with a lot of questions – from making it last longer to the dreaded patchy spots – the application of fake tan is truly an art form in itself. 

But never fear, because we spoke a CatwalkHQ Self Tan expert some of the most common queries so you can prep yourself for the season ahead. 

What is the best way to prep our skin before applying fake tan? 

"Make sure to start your prep at least a day, if not two days before you want to apply tan. Exfoliate skin to remove any previous tan and to get rid of any dead skin cells to leave a smooth base for the tan to apply to.

"Following this, make sure to hydrate your skin by applying a moisturiser, preferably oil free as this won’t leave any residue that will affect the tan application. Do this in the days leading up to your tanning day."

What steps can we take to make our tan last longer? 

"As mentioned prepping your skin is key, so a good foundation will automatically help this. In the days prior to applying your tan make sure to keep skin hydrated. This will also help avoid that dreaded patchy effect!"

How to remove tan without it going patchy? 

"By moisturising the skin to help prolong the tans wear, this will also have the added effect of allowing it to wear more evenly."

How does shaving affect tan?

"Shaving right before tanning isn’t a great idea as it will leave the pores open and attracts the tan to them.

"Similarly, shaving after isn’t ideal either as it wears the tan more quickly.

"For optimal results shave or wax at least 24 hours prior  to tanning and this will allow time for pores to close. If you are in a rush however and do need to shave and tan within close proximity to one another try running cold water over the shaved areas to help close the pores a little."

Is it safe to put tan on your face?

"Generally yes, certain tans will have ingredients that won’t agree with your skin so try and find one with more natural products. 

"When applying tan, don’t apply it directly to the face. Pump a small amount out onto your mitt and mix with a moisturiser, then using a buffing brush work it onto your face, avoiding the eye area."

Missed a spot? What's the best quick fix? 

"Similar to how you apply tan to your face, pump out a small amount of tan onto a mitt and mix with moisturiser and buff onto the missed area. The moisturiser mixed with the tan will make the colour less harsh and will allow it to blend seamlessly."

With summer fast approaching, how will the chlorine in pools affect our tan? 

"The more contact your body has with water – be it showering, the pool, or the sea – the quicker your tan will fade. Some tans fade a lot more evenly than others.

"Some tips to help avoid patchy tan would be to pat yourself dry as opposed to wiping motions. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise and use an SPF that sprays onto the skin as opposed to a lotion."

Any other tips or advice? 

"When tanning hands and feet make sure to use the same technique as the face. This will give a far more natural look to them. Don’t forget to get in between those fingers and toes too. Tan also doesn't generally have SPF in it is, make sure not to forget it!"