When it comes to fake tan, us Irish ladies are total pros.

Whether you keep fake tan strictly for special events or couldn't handle the thought of stepping outside without a sunkissed glow, you're no doubt already an expert in the application, removal and maintenance of tanning products.

Here are just a few of the struggles us fake tan lovers (read: addicts) have to face on a regular basis.

1. Feeling like a giant pink marshmallow after exfoliating all our tan off
It has to be done to ensure an even application but… NO-ONE LOOK AT US NOW PLEASE.


2. Writing off a solid chunk of our Thursday night as tanning time
Think of it as an investment for the weekend.


3. Always trying to get the balance right when tanning our hands
And don't get us started on tanning between our fingers…


4. Spending ten minutes twirling and waving our arms to speed the drying process along
So attractive whilst naked and clammy.


5. Freaking out because we've lost the only t-shirt we can wear while our tan develops overnight
Going topless is NOT an option. Skin on skin = streak city.


6. Ruining bed sheets, towels, carpets and walls on a weekly basis
Someone needs to invent tanning insurance.


7. Having to be stretchier than a gymnast when no-one's around to tan our back
That tiny area in the middle is a PAIN.


8. Ending up with manky faded patches if we leave it on longer than four days
Inside of the elbow, ankle, back of the knee and of course the underboob area. Scabies, anyone?

tan animated GIF


9. Knowing that certain items of clothing will only work when we're super-brown
Looking at you, white dress.


10. Being jealous of anyone who can actually work the pale look
We could too, if we weren't so pink and pasty-skinned.