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Bridget Jones is an icon to many of us. She made us feel better about sitting on the sofa in our pjs, with two empty bottles of wine at our side. She showed us that true love is there, it may just take some time to find it. And she also taught us to always wear your big bloomers, because you too might find a man like Daniel Clever swooning over you, well a girl can dream.

Bridget Jones’s Diary is our go-to movie when we’re feeling a little bit rubbish. We grab a cuppa, a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and usually seek out a bottle of wine halfway through the movie.

Us Bridget Jones fans have been treated to three glorious movies, Bridget Jones’s Baby being the most recent release (god bless, Patrick Dempsey) and it sounds like another movie could be in the works.

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Yes, a fourth Bridget Jones movie, we can’t believe it either. What a time to be alive.

Renée Zelwegger has been busy promoting her new movie Judy, but the actress teased fans of Bridget Jones during an appearance on Australian talk show The Project.

The Judy star said she would love to play Bridget again.

When asked if she’d like to continue Bridget’s story, Renée said, “Oh, gosh, yeah, wouldn't that be fun?”

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"It's really the best job, it really is. So much weirder than folks can imagine from the outside,” she added.

The creator of Bridget Jones, author Helen Fielding has already written a fourth book, Mad About The Boy, so this movie just has to happen, right?


We’ll certainly be staying in tonight, no thanks to Storm Lorenzo. ‘It’s a night for the fire’ is a phrase everyone will be muttering and we honestly can’t wait to snuggle up on the sofa and watch telly for the foreseeable future.

Luckily, tonight’s Graham Norton Show lineup is one of the best so far. 

Bridget Jones herself will make an appearance. That’s right, legendary actress Renee Zellweger joins Graham to talk about her role as Judy Garland in Judy.

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Documentary maker Louis Theroux will discuss his memoir Gotta Get Theroux This: My Life and Strange Times In Television.

Lenny Henry also joins Graham to chat about his own memoir Who Am I Again?

80s icon and popstar Andrew Ridgeley completes tonight’s lineup. Andrew will open about his life and work with George Michael as he promotes new book Wham! George & Me.

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Elbow will perform their new song White Noise, White Heat.

The Graham Norton Show airs at 10.35pm on BBC1.


Bridget Jones is one of the most iconic female characters ever. She’s wacky, and goofy, and her love for giant granny knickers is way more relatable than we’d like to admit.

Many women have sought comfort in Bridget, whether that was through the wonderful books by Helen Fielding, or through the movies starring Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

Bridget returned to the big screen in Bridget Jones’s Baby, and even though she finally got her happy ending, it looks like Bridget isn’t finished just yet.

Renée Zellweger recently revealed she is eager to do a fourth installment of the iconic franchise.

She told The Talk that she would definitely be interested in doing a fourth film.

The actress joked: ““Bridget Jones: The Menopause. No, I know Helen’s [Fielding] written the book, and I love this character. So, I mean, if they call me, I’ll go running.”

Renée previously told The Daily Record that she would gladly do a fourth movie as she loves the character so much, “I really hope so. I do. I love her. She's so much fun."

"I really like the place she is at in her life, but it's Bridget and there's always going to be some drama. She's so perfectly imperfect,” she added.

Would you watch another Bridget Jones movie or was Bridget Jones’s Baby the perfect ending for everyone’s favourite heroine?


Finally! After years of waiting, Bridget Jones is finally set to return to our screens – and she's not the only cast member from the two previous films who'll be coming back.

The third film, Bridget Jones's Baby, was originally thought to be based on the third of Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones books, in which Mr. Darcy sadly doesn't feature. But instead it appears the movie will take inspiration from Ms. Fielding's newspaper columns.

And a first look at the trailer confirms that yes, Colin Firth will indeed be back as the ever-attractive Mr. Darcy. 

Starring alongside Renee and Colin is former Grey's Anatomy lead Patrick Dempsey, and while we've no idea of the character he'll be playing yet, we could definitely see him in a Hugh Grant-esque cheeky love rat role.

In the teeny-tiny trailer, an ultra-slim Bridget is seen dancing the night away, checking out music festivals and generally reliving her misspent youth.

If that 15-second snippet isn;t enough for you, panic not, because the full trailer is set to be released today.



It's here! At last we've been given a fresh glimpse of Bridget Jones… for the first time in more than a decade (incredibly, The Edge Of Reason, was released back in 2004).

With the third instalment, Bridget Jones's Baby, landing in less than a year – September 16 to be exact – the movie's producers have finally shared brand-new and updated snap of the franchise's lovable protagonist. 

And – shock! – gone is her iconic red diary, replaced instead with an iPad (though it too has been clad in a red cover).

Filming is now under way, with Renée Zellweger and Colin Firth both back on set in London. 

Sadly, Daniel Cleaver won’t be putting in an appearance (actor Hugh Grant declined to take part) but Grey’s Anatomy hottie Patrick Dempsey has instead stepped up to the plate – playing an as of yet undisclosed new character.

The new film is said to be based on author Helen Fielding’s newspaper columns, rather than the third book, Mad About The Boy, which was released in 2013.

Of course, as reported by SHEmazing! at the time, the movie's very first scenes were filmed at Ed Sheeran's Croke Park concert back in August. 


Following McDreamy’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy, it seems that Patrick Dempsey can’t quite shake the love of romantic ‘dramedy’ type projects just yet.

Deadline reports that the actor is in final negotiations to join the cast of Bridget Jones’s Baby.

The much-anticipated third installment of the franchise will see Renee Zellweger reprise her role as the unlucky and general mishap prone publishing executive. As Bridget enters her 40s, she finds herself unexpectedly expecting.

Most other plot details are being kept quiet and Patrick’s role has not yet been identified. The father of Bridget’s baby is also unknown, for now.

Seeing as Colin Firth will be returning to play love interest Mark Darcy, we know of at least two possible fathers to be named by the end of the film.

While Hugh Grant will not be returning, Sharon Maguire, who directed the original Bridget Jones will be back at the helm this time around.

The story is believed to be based on columns written by the creator of the series Helen Fielding, not her latest novel Mad About The Boy.

This latest addition to the franchise is shaping up to be quite star packed. This summer the news came that Ed Sheeran would also be featuring in the film. He is not going to be another of Bridget’s possible love interests however, although who knows.

Instead it was announced that Ed Sheeran’s hugely successful Croke Park gigs would be featured in the film. The Irish Sun reported that scenes were shot using Renée’s body double sitting on a mystery man’s shoulder.

Just who could the mystery man be we wonder.



If you attended the Ed Sheeran concert in Croke Park a few weeks ago, then you may just spot yourself in the latest installment of Bridget Jones' Diary.

The singer played to a sold out Croke Park a few weeks and it seems you may just get the chance to relive those amazing moments on the big screen.

The Sun has reported that the concert will be part of the next movie in the franchise, Bridget Jones's Baby. 

The film makers filmed Renee Zellweger's body double on top of a man's shoulders while watching Ed's concert. 

With the plot for the movie still completely under wraps, the body double had to be filmed instead of the actress. "There was no risk in filming Renée at a busy gig. But they knew the cat would be out the bag the minute people saw her at the show," a source told The Sun.

“Renée's body double and the cameramen were in and out of the crowd as quickly as possible."

“These are the first moments in early filming for the new movie. None of the show’s main talent have been involved yet.”

The next film is set to see Bridget give birth, however we have no idea who the father of the baby is just yet. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant fought for the attention of the main character in the past two films but it is yet unknown who the latest love interest will be. 


Twitter was awash with speculation this week after actress Uma Thurman showed off a seriously dramatic transformation on the red carpet.

The star was in New York for the premiere of her new NBC show The Slap, but was barely recognisable as she posed for photographers.

Uma's skin appeared far smoother than usual, and the difference was especially noticeable under her eyes and across her forehead.

While the new look could of course be down to a new hairstyle and a lack of eye make-up, social media soon exploded with speculation about whether Uma may have undergone cosmetic surgery over the past few weeks.

Others were quick to defend the Kill Bill actress' new look:

For reference, here's Uma at at another event, the House of SpeakEasy Gala in New York, just two weeks ago:

This isn't the first time in recent months that an actress has been hit with online criticism for a drastic makeover. Last year, the world's media went into meltdown as Renée Zellweger walked the red carpet with a noticeably different appearance.

Renée never confirmed or denied getting surgery, simply saying, "People don't know me in my forties. Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older?! Ha. But I am different. I'm happy."

We wonder if Uma's response will be similarly cryptic?!



After charming audiences as Bridget Jones in the first two films, there seemed to be no doubt that Renée Zellweger would return for the final instalment.

Now though, it appears studio bosses are worried she's no longer a good fit for the part.

After stepping out in Hollywood with a dramatic new look last week, the film's producers are reportedly worried she will alienate audiences, according to the Daily Star.

Rumours are even emerging that Reese Witherspoon has been lined up for the part, for which she would earn at least €25 million. We can't imagine that'll go down well with Renée – the pair were pictured at a charity event together in Los Angeles just last week, and appear to be good pals.

With no Colin Firth or Hugh Grant lined up for the final film, things were always going to be a bit different, but we still can't imagine Bridget Jones without Renee. 

Despite the large paycheck, it's uncertain whether Reese would be willing to pile on the pounds for the iconic role. Renée put on 30 pounds for both films but managed to lose the weight within a short space of time once filming wrapped. That can't have been easy… or pleasant!


Renée Zellweger caused a bit of an Internet frenzy earlier this week when she appeared on the red carpet looking absolutely nothing like herself.

The actress appeared at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards in California, her first major public event in quite a few years. The complete change in her facial shape led many people to question if she had taken plastic surgery to excess.

However Renée says she's delighted with the attention – and says her new look is a sign of a more content mind and body. "I'm glad folks think I look different! I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows," she told People magazine.

The Bridget Jones' Diary star admitted she knew that people might have been shocked by her appearance as she has been out of the limelight for so long. "People don't know me in my 40s. Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older?! Ha. But I am different. I'm happy."

Hmmm… we're not sure happiness is the only thing contributing to your new image though, Renée!

The 45-year-old actress also confessed she had taken some time to relax after a chaotic few years. "I took on a schedule that is not realistically sustainable and didn't allow for taking care of myself. Rather than stopping to recalibrate, I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion. I was aware of the chaos and finally chose different things."

Renée revealed she had decided to speak out about her image change to stop people making up their own stories. "It seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth which doesn't exist won't get off my porch until I answer the door."

We're glad Renée's doing so well, but it's going to take some time to get used to her drastic new look!



You may have noticed the internet has gone into a frenzy about Renée Zellweger’s face this morning.

The actress made a rare appearance on the red carpet for ELLE’s 21st annual Women in Hollywood Awards in California yesterday.

Since her red carpet walk, social media has been frantic in questioning the actress' appearance and the extent to which plastic surgery has changed her face over the years. 

Renée was accompanied on the red carpet by her boyfriend, Doyle Bramhall II with whom it has been rumoured Renée is planning on adopting a child with. 

Whatever about her face – the REAL question is: will there be another Bridget Jones movie?!

Well, unfortunately, Renée has no idea – but she did say a third movie would be "fun" so at least there's hope!



Much as we love Renée Zellweger, the first two Bridget Jones films would have been nothing without Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

Now though, it seems we might have to suffer the final instalment of the series without the two lads!

It was revealed last year that Colin would not be appearing in the third film – a decision that was surprisingly not his but author Helen Fielding's. Colin's character Mark Darcy was (*spoiler!*) killed off for the third Bridget Jones book, Mad About the Boy.

And now to make matters worse, it seems Hugh Grant, who played the sleazy yet charming Daniel Cleaver, has pulled out of the third and final movie entirely. This must be a big shock to producers, as Hugh's character features quite heavily in the third book, and even turned out to be "a pretty good guy," according to Helen.

Back in 2012, writing began for Bridget Jones' Baby, but the film has yet to be picked up by a studio. And if Hugh's comments are anything to go by, the script isn't all that great. "I think they’re going to go ahead and do it without Daniel," he said in a recent interview. "The book’s excellent, by the way, but the script is completely different — well, the script as I last saw it a few years ago."

Very sad altogether! We kinda feel like this right now…