Is Renée out of Bridget Jones 3? Another A-lister offered the part!


After charming audiences as Bridget Jones in the first two films, there seemed to be no doubt that Renée Zellweger would return for the final instalment.

Now though, it appears studio bosses are worried she's no longer a good fit for the part.

After stepping out in Hollywood with a dramatic new look last week, the film's producers are reportedly worried she will alienate audiences, according to the Daily Star.

Rumours are even emerging that Reese Witherspoon has been lined up for the part, for which she would earn at least €25 million. We can't imagine that'll go down well with Renée – the pair were pictured at a charity event together in Los Angeles just last week, and appear to be good pals.

With no Colin Firth or Hugh Grant lined up for the final film, things were always going to be a bit different, but we still can't imagine Bridget Jones without Renee. 

Despite the large paycheck, it's uncertain whether Reese would be willing to pile on the pounds for the iconic role. Renée put on 30 pounds for both films but managed to lose the weight within a short space of time once filming wrapped. That can't have been easy… or pleasant!