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Chrissy Tiegen took to Twitter last night to draw attention to the lengths paparazzi will go to in order to get a 'good' photograph of a celebrity in public.

In a series of angry tweets, the Lip Sync Battle presenter explained that she and her husband, John Legend, had been making their way through JFK airport when they were confronted by a pap who attempted to provoke a reaction from them.

Explaining that the pap had made a racist remark towards the All Of Me singer, Chrissy wrote: "Paparazzi at JFK just asked me "if we evolved from monkeys, why is John Legend still around?" – and people wonder why celebs lose it in pics."

"I was very kind. Answered cooking questions, then he came with that. Fu*king disgusting. Also, John is right next to me. The balls." she added.

And according to the mum-of-one, that particular photographer didn't leave it there.

"He also went from "what's an easy recipe to make at home" to "if a Jew were a vampire, would he still be afraid of crosses?" Chrissy told her followers who number in their millions.

Explaining to fans that she refused to respond in anger, Chrissy wrote: "They live for that photo and lawsuit."

Responding to Chrissy's series of post last night, her fans attempted to placate her, with one writing: "Oh my god. well let me add to the much needed positivity and say that you and your family are amazing people."



Over the weekend former Disney star Zendaya used Snapchat to inform her followers of an alleged racist run-in she’d had with a checkout worker.

In the snaps the 20-year-old Californian accused a member of Vons staff of subjecting her and a male friend to racial profiling as they attempted to purchase a $400 gift card at the store.

The young actress claimed the woman who was serving her went as far as to suggest that the pair could not afford the desired item because of their skin tone before proceeding to throw Zendaya’s wallet back at her.


Missing this hair….

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But now the grocery store at the centre of the allegations has responded to the Spiderman: Homecoming star’s claims by telling PEOPLE the whole thing was a big misunderstanding.

A company rep said: “At Vons, we strive to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect.  There is a policy that limits gift card purchases using a credit card.”

“Zendaya was able to purchase gift cards up to our limit, and we apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.”



A photo posted by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

“We respect Zendaya's voice in the community and similarly are committed to diversity and inclusion,” they continued.

“We understand that race is a sensitive issue in America and view this experience as a reminder that every interaction is an opportunity to treat each customer as we ourselves would like to be treated.”

Zendaya has yet to respond to the store's statement.


After 56 years on the box, Coronation Street is, undoubtedly, an institution in the UK and Ireland.

And yet despite their decades of experience, bosses behind the Manchester soap still find themselves on the wrong side of the public from time to time.

Case in point: Monday's episode of the long-running soap.

During a scene in the street's salon Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley, made reference to an enslaved character from novel and TV mini-series Roots, saying: "I've got more roots than Kunta Kinte."

"No idea who that is, by the way, just something my mum used to say," the character added.

Viewers took to Twitter in their droves to express their disgust that Kunta Kinte – a young man taken from Gambia and sold as a slave –  was the subject of such a throwaway remark.

"So what’s up with the cultural insensitivity on Coronation Street? ‘I got more Roots than Kunta Kinte’ That’s kinda racist," wrote one while another added: "Really Coronation Street? I think you need to have a word with the scriptwriter!"

In addition to voicing their opinions on Twitter, almost 300 people reported the scene to television watchdog Ofcom who said: "We will assess these complaints before we decide whether to investigate or not."

Acknowledging the public's distaste for the scene, a spokeswoman for the soap said: "We apologise if this dialogue has caused offence."



Dublin city's walls are covered in street art and graffiti, from gorgeous creations á la Joe Caslin's Equality mural, to words and slogans we'd really rather not see scrawled in white paint on our commute home.

One such negative piece of graffiti is drawing attention today, but it's for a pretty lovely reason.

Syrian-Irish Psychology student Tamim Mobayed posted the images to his Twitter account this morning, after seeing them "on a friend's Facebook page," and they've been getting quite a reaction online.

"Love it – lightheartedly illuminating darkness in Dublin," Tamim wrote alongside the before-and-after images, the second of which shows the words "All Muslims are scum" altered to say "All Muslims are sound."

The photos have gotten quite a reaction online, with Dubliners praising the anonymous graffiti-fixer for altering the offensive slogan:

It's not a perfect solution to Ireland's ongoing racism problems of course, but we love the message behind it.


Zendaya Coleman is not like your regular 18-year-old.

She is probably one of the most mature teenagers to ever walk the planet and in a new interview (and awesome photoshoot) for Galore magazine, she opens up about how she deals with racism and how she stays so grounded. 

"My parents always taught me that there is knowledge in your voice," she explained of the infamous Giuliana Rancic comments on her hair at the 2015 Oscars red carpet. 

"I think the way we react to things is a big indicator of our character and what type of person we are." 

And she's so right, as many young celebs aren't able to deal with media attention (we're looking at you Lindsay Lohan). 

"I just had too much respect for myself and didn't want to prove everybody right that's waiting for me to be ignorant and do something dumb, so I took my time until I thought of the best way I could address the comments."

She discusses more about how she prides herself in her honesty throughout the interview and why she believes she needs to stay true to herself on social media. 

"I realised that if I don't like something, I can change it. If I don't feel comfortable with something, then I have a voice to say it's not cool."

We love Zendaya for her no-nonsense attitude to life and think she's a great role model for teenagers growing up, both in and out of the spotlight. 


Glee actress Naya Rivera caused a bit of a stir yesterday when she made some controversial comments about race live on air.

The star was appearing as a guest host on The View when she shared a rather questionable opinion about the personal hygiene of people of different ethnicities.

"I have to say I have a theory about showering, [which] is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics," Rivera commented to panelists Rosie O'Donnell and Nicole Wallace. "I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing."

Trying to defend her point after a stunned reaction, Naya mentioned her mother who is half-African American, half-Puerto Rican. "She showers every day, so I can say this," the actress said. "But I can say that I am now married to a white man [Ryan Dorsey], and he showers a lot. Like, a lot – two, three times a day. I'm like, 'What are you doing?'"

Despite Naya's attempts to defend her point, many viewers took issue with the comments, expressing their anger online:

The star took to Twitter after the show, telling people to lighten up:

Maybe not the best way to diffuse the situation, Naya!



Barmaid Shirley Carter has had some ups and down during her time in Walford and it looks like the woman who plays her is no stranger to drama either.

Linda Henry, who joined the Eastenders cast eight years ago, is set to stand trial over accusations of racially aggravated harassment in an incident which is said to have taken place in September of this year. The actress has denied the accusation and is reportedly devastated over the upcoming trial.

The 51-year-old TV star decided not to attend her initial hearing, but has pleaded not guilty through her lawyer with a source telling The Sun newspaper: “Linda is horrified at the accusation and intends to fight it tooth and nail.”

The actress is adamant that she will clear her name and an insider has reported: “Those close to her know the truth and the type of person she is. She has never been in trouble before, has never been accused of this type of thing before and is determined to prove she is innocent of these deeply offensive claims.”

The incident apparently took place outside Jamie Oliver's Greenwich restaurant and the trial will begin in February of next year.



Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts was detained by police officers after someone spotted her kissing her husband in his car and called the officials.

The actress posted the news to her Facebook account on September 2nd, saying: “Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place.

“When the officer arrived, I was standing on the sidewalk by a tree. I knew that I had done nothing wrong, that I wasn't harming anyone, so I walked away.

“A few minutes later, I was still talking to my dad when 2 different police officers accosted me and forced me into handcuffs.

“As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong.

“I allowed myself to be honest about my anger, frustration, and rage as tears flowed from my eyes.

“The tears I cry for a country that calls itself 'the land of the free and the home of the brave' and yet detains people for claiming that very right.”

Daniele’s husband Brian James Lucas, who is a chef, wrote that he suspects the police had confused his wife for a prostitute:

“From the questions that he asked me as D was already on her phone with her dad, I could tell that whoever called on us (including the officers), saw a tatted RAWKer white boy and a hot bootie shorted black girl and thought we were a H* (prostitute) & a TRICK (client).

“What an assumption to make!!!Because of my past experience with the law, I gave him my ID knowing we did nothing wrong and when they asked D for hers, she refused to give it because they had no right to do so.

“So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was. In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist [main image], which was truly NOT COOL!!!”

The Los Angeles police are said to be looking into the incident.

This is really a shocking story. We can’t believe it could happen in 2014! It seems like we still have a long way to go on the road to the elimination of racial stereotypes, not to mention police brutality!

As CoCo in Django Unchained


It’s a sad thing to note that racism is still prevalent in today’s society. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little baby girl was the recent target of a racial outburst.

Niamh Geaney reports.


Justin Bieber is having a tough time of it lately in light of the recent racist footage. The corrupted youth is trying to set things right by looking for guidance from God but in the most unusual of places. Find out where!

Niamh Geaney reports.



Justin Bieber is in trouble again after a video emerged of him joking about joining the Ku Klux Klan and killing “n******s”.

In the video he is seen changing the lyrics of his song One Less Lonely Girl to “one less lonely n*****”.

Bieber has already apologised when a video of him making a racist joke and using the N word five times surfaced on Monday.

A source told a journalist that “Unfortunately this is the devastating reality of how Justin has behaved and reveals his attitude toward such a deeply emotive subject.

“People need to see this. Normal kids in society do not make these kind of jokes. He is protected by a network of staff, but the camera doesn’t lie.”

It is believed that both clips are from the same video, but we’ll be expecting an extra apology all the same. We can’t imagine Usher, the star who signed Justin, can be too happy about this?