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When it comes to Zendaya Coleman's Paris Fashion Week debut, it's all about the numbers. 

Within two days, Ms Coleman donned five outfit (and extreme hair) changes, to rock Paris like no other. 

Sitting front row at Vivienne Westwood and Emanuel Ungaro, the Disney star blossomed and without question, the 19-year-old has broken out as a true style star.

Check out five of her amazing outfits:




Actress and singer, Zendaya Coleman, now has her own Barbie doll; and it's gorgeous. 

The doll, which isn't available for purchase, sports dreadlocks and a replica of the Vivienne Westwood dress Zendaya wore to the Oscars earlier this year.

Zendaya announced the news on her Instagram account, and she seemed to be pretty happy about it.

"When I was little I couldn't find a Barbie that looked like me, my…how times have changed. Thank you @barbie for this honour and for allowing me to be apart of your diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty. Can't wait to keep doing amazing things with you."

So, it seems this won't be the last of Zendaya and Barbie working together.

Earlier this year, Fashion Police's Giulana Rancic caused A LOT controversy when she commented on Zendaya's dreadlocks at the Oscars, saying: “I feel like she smells like patchouli oil and weed".

Although the TV presenter later apologised for her comments, it caused Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffith to leave the show. 


Zendaya Coleman is not like your regular 18-year-old.

She is probably one of the most mature teenagers to ever walk the planet and in a new interview (and awesome photoshoot) for Galore magazine, she opens up about how she deals with racism and how she stays so grounded. 

"My parents always taught me that there is knowledge in your voice," she explained of the infamous Giuliana Rancic comments on her hair at the 2015 Oscars red carpet. 

"I think the way we react to things is a big indicator of our character and what type of person we are." 

And she's so right, as many young celebs aren't able to deal with media attention (we're looking at you Lindsay Lohan). 

"I just had too much respect for myself and didn't want to prove everybody right that's waiting for me to be ignorant and do something dumb, so I took my time until I thought of the best way I could address the comments."

She discusses more about how she prides herself in her honesty throughout the interview and why she believes she needs to stay true to herself on social media. 

"I realised that if I don't like something, I can change it. If I don't feel comfortable with something, then I have a voice to say it's not cool."

We love Zendaya for her no-nonsense attitude to life and think she's a great role model for teenagers growing up, both in and out of the spotlight.