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They already have a dog each, but it seems like Cheryl and Liam Payne wanted to have a little pooch together.

Cheryl took to Instagram to share a picture of her beau and their new dog… and it seems like things are really serious.

She wrote: "Our new family member.. he is beyond cute.. the dog is adorable too."


Our new family member he is beyond cute.. the dog is adorable too @toosmallforteacups thank you

A photo posted by Cheryl (@cherylofficial) on

We have to agree, Liam is looking mighty fine in this picture, but how CUTE is their new pup?!

They are really flying along in their relationship!



This video of a veterinary assistant comforting a dog after surgery has been spreading good vibes across this internet this week and it is also kind of making us want to change profession. 

This footage shows Dennis Moses, a staff member at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, giving much-needed cuddles to terrified pup Meesha who had just come out of surgery. 

Baby Meesha was coming off her anesthesia and was a little scared because her body felt so weird. BARCS Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses took her out into the quiet hallway to comfort her. One of our awesome volunteers just happened to be walking by to capture this sweet moment. Thank you to Dennis and all the staff who work long, tireless hours in the background of our shelter—saving lives and loving the animals. (Turn on the sound, it will melt your heart!)

Posted by BARCS Animal Shelter on Thursday, February 25, 2016

"BARCS Surgical Assistant Dennis Moses took her out into the quiet hallway to comfort her. One of our awesome volunteers just happened to be walking by to capture this sweet moment."

And it seems that the internet is totally enamoured by the duo as the video has raked up over ten million views. 

And there was good news for the pup as the shelter shared an image of the adorable rescue dog settling into her new home. 

Yay for happy endings! 


If you're a dog person, you know it's hard to keep you cool even when you see a dog walk by on the street.

So, when this woman opened up a present for her birthday and there was a PUPPY inside, it's understandable that she could just not hold her chill.

We totally get her though. Now, excuse us while we go smother our dogs with hugs and kisses. 


The feel good news story of the day features Tumbles.

He is a tiny (legit the tiniest) shelter puppy ever. He was born with only two legs, but now he is on the move after recently being outfitted with a custom 3-D-printed wheelchair. 

A video capturing the pint-sized pooch’s first steps, shows the little guy making big strides while in the care of Friends of the Shelter Dogs in Ohio. 

The pup was taken in by the shelter when he was only two weeks old at the time.

“We thought he wouldn’t make it,” Karen Pilcher, who serves as the group’s rescue coordinator and now Tumbles' foster mom, told ABC News.

Now look at him! Amazing. 

His first steps obviously took a lot out of the little hero because the shelter also posted a snap of Tumbles after his adventures on their Facebook page. 

We can’t deal, sorry.

Oh, and if you thought the story couldn’t get more adorable then you should also know that Tumbles is going to need a different wheel chair: because he is too small for the current one in use.

“I think we'll definitely be able to have a working model,” Joe Jollick told The Huffington Post. Joe is the lab director at the Ohio University Innovation Centre. 

“The challenge is getting the dog to use it and not try to sneak out of the straps and (him) learning to use his back legs correctly because right now he's just pushing himself on his chin.” 



We're lovers off all things cute and funny in SHEmazing! HQ.

So when we saw this funny baby video surface around the Internet we knew we just had to show you. 

What's more is in this video dogs and puppies also make an appearance!

What's not to love. 




There seems to be an awful lot going on in the Beckham household of late.

Not only do they have Brooklyn’s Miss Vogue over to celebrate, but they are also welcoming another member into their growing brood.

Earlier today Victoria herself took to twitter to announce their new arrivel with a very cute black and white snap.

The 41-year old fashion designer captioned the photo:

“Meet Olivia Beckham, our new baby.”

You can’t deny with those puppy dog eyes she is definitely going to be bringing some extra cute to the household, not that they need any.

Olive is probably able to give her older (human) brother Brooklyn a run for his money with her sweet little face. Not that Brooklyn has anything to worry about as the 16-year old is obviously very comfortable in front of the camera.

While he has already appeared on the covers of style and fashion magazine, including Man About Town, the Beckham family all seem very excited about his latest achievement.


Thank you @missvogueuk check it out, #missvogue4brooklyn

A photo posted by Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) on

Following in his parents footsteps, he will appear on the magazine’s October cover and inside he revealed that while he thinks his mom “knows a lot about fashion”, she’s not who he takes all his style advice from.


A photo posted by David Beckham (@davidbeckham) on

“My mum knows a lot about fashion, but obviously I listen to my dad as he has great style and we share clothes.”

He also lists James Dean and Steve McQueen as his style heroes and said that one the most humbling experiences of his 16 years was meeting Stephen Hawking with his parents.



One question that many young couples are faced with quite frequently is the query as to when the pitter patter of tiny feet will be heard by all. 

For Abby Lee and Matt Kay, their in-laws sent them nearly mad with their constant prying and questioning. When it seemed they just couldn’t get anyone to leave them alone and live their lives, they came up with a great idea.

They got together with their friend, and photographer, Elisha Minnette and staged a family photo shoot to make the big announcement.

Family and friends were in for quite the adorable surprise when Elisha posted the album on her Facebook page earlier this week.

Abby and Lee took the opportunity to welcome to the world their adorable bundle of joy, Humphrey. Humphrey is a groodle, a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriver, and he is beautiful.

They nailed it. 

They got all the necessary baby poses included:

​Humphrey is quite the puppy model:

What started as a joke between friends has been warmly received online and shared across social media all week. Speaking about the popularity of the shoot, Elisha wrote on her Facebook page:

"Making people smile & have a laugh was our intention for these images and after reading a lot of comments I feel we achieved that. So thank you!! So overwhelmed with how far this post has reached!! Thank you for all the likes and comments!"

Congratulations to the happy couple and their bundle of fluffy joy!



Can you handle all of this cute? We think you might have to be because you cannot miss out on this adorable ball of fluff.

Nope, that is not a teddy bear, it is an actual puppy. Her name is Tonky.

Tonky is a 4 month-old bear-coat shar pei puppy who has melted our hearts since we first laid eyes on her.

Her owners are Christine Park and her boyfriend Dave. Sadly, they live in Canada, so no impromptu meet and greets with Tonky will be happening today. We strongly encourage everyone to try and start a petition to have Tonky go on a global tour however.

According to Christine, Tonky is “silly, stubborn, and loyal to her friends and family.” She sounds perfect.

Her friends include Maxi, Christine explained. Maxi is also adorable and when the two BFFs get together it is impossible not to smile. Just look at them!

“It wasn’t until Tonkey’s litter was born that Dave and I learned what a bear coat was!” Park said to Buzzfeed. “We were thrilled to discover the existence of ‘fluffy’ shar-peis, and it was an easy decision for us.”

Not only is Tonky special because she is absolutely adorable, but her coat makes her pretty unique. Bear-coat shar peis are very rare because their fluffiness is a result of a recessive gene both mom and dad shar pei have to carry.

Tonky is on Instagram, of course and also her Tonkey Tuesday appearances on Imgur are perfect for your weekly does of adorable fluff ball puppy. 


Calling all Tonkeys!

Posted by Tonkey Bear on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Wow. Good job on living the fluffiest life Tonky.

Tonky does get some negative comments online with people saying she's a "designer dog", her owners are huge advocates of adopting dogs however. Christine says: “I would love for everyone to know that this is an ancient breed that overcame a rough history, from dogfighting rings to mass extermination, until finally being rescued by the U.S."

Christine and Dave encourage all prospective dog owners to adopt, as they did with Tony's BFF Maxi. 

Also, here's Tonky dressed as an elephant with an elephant. Happy Friday!


Rihanna has had some absolutely perfect Snapchat stories. She’s possibly one of our favourite celebrity social media users.

Rihanna does whatever she wants and she really doesn’t care what the haters say. Whether it’s the media attention that surround her love life, or her fashion choices, Riri does Riri and that’s how she likes it.

So you can imagine our delight when we opened her latest Snapchat story and were not only greeted with the Umbrella singer herself, but the latest addition to her family.

We were only mildly disappointed that it wasn’t rumoured beau Karim Benzema. Instead, we got Pepe.

Last night Rihanna hit the club with some of her besties and came home with Pepe. Who looks to be some sort of Pomeranian pup. He’s a tiny ball of fluff.

Where do you even buy a puppy at 5 o’clock in the morning? Only Rihanna has the answer.

We’ve all seen people go out to the club and come home with some random item in our handbag at some point. To be fair it’s generally a surprise lipstick, or napkins.

Rihanna goes out and brings home a dog. That has to be one for the books.

Pepe is absolutely adorable and we hope that Rihanna keeps the little guy around because he’s already the best thing that has happened to her Snap chat since the time she went fishing in Hawaii.

If you’re not following Rihanna already you need to start now.


Budweiser's Super Bowl ads are famous were making us feel all of the feels and making us cry rivers of tears. 

This one is no different! The adorable pup accidentally gets locked into a moving truck that causes him to become lost, alone and scared (we know, we can't handle it either!). Meanwhile, his owner and his best friend, a horse, are handing out fliers and in being broken-hearted over the loss of the cute little pup. 

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to this sad tale – enjoy! 


We all know cats are a little, well…evil. They’re all slowly plotting to take not only their owner out, but the entire world.

However, if we have cuties like this puppy on our side, we should be okay. Showing some serious guts for such a little guy, he marches up to the cat and does anything he can to get her out of his bed.

It doesn’t work but it’s still the most adorable thing we’ve seen all week! 



Justin Bieber is in the world’s bad books again after he reportedly abandoned his puppy, Karma, back in September. 

The singer allegedly left the puppy with a trainer in Canada back in September – but has yet to return to pick the dog up. 

Trevor Dvernichuck, the dog trainer Justin left little Karma with has now blasted the singer, saying: “This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up” as well as calling the star out on Facebook: “Karma is gonna bite you in you a** biebers.” Trevor’s caption was accompanied with a TMZ video of Justin buying the puppy. 

This is unfortunately far from being the first time Justin’s pet ownership has been called into question. Back in 2012 he was slammed for giving a fan at one of his concerts his hamster asking her to look after it.

He was also criticised heavily when his pet monkey Mally was taken by German customs and when he failed to fulfil his end of the paperwork to get her back, they kept her. 

Perhaps a tamagotchi next time, Justin?!