Singer is blasted for ‘abandoning’ new puppy


Justin Bieber is in the world’s bad books again after he reportedly abandoned his puppy, Karma, back in September. 

The singer allegedly left the puppy with a trainer in Canada back in September – but has yet to return to pick the dog up. 

Trevor Dvernichuck, the dog trainer Justin left little Karma with has now blasted the singer, saying: “This is like taking your kid to school and not picking it back up” as well as calling the star out on Facebook: “Karma is gonna bite you in you a** biebers.” Trevor’s caption was accompanied with a TMZ video of Justin buying the puppy. 

This is unfortunately far from being the first time Justin’s pet ownership has been called into question. Back in 2012 he was slammed for giving a fan at one of his concerts his hamster asking her to look after it.

He was also criticised heavily when his pet monkey Mally was taken by German customs and when he failed to fulfil his end of the paperwork to get her back, they kept her. 

Perhaps a tamagotchi next time, Justin?!