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Turning 21 in Ireland usually means a party in the local GAA club or in the hotel down the road. But, if you're Gigi Hadid and have superstar friends, it couldn't be more different.

The model celebrated her 21st birthday this week, and my God, did she do it in style.

First of all, her BFF Taylor Swift pulled a typical Tay-Tay move and hired a private jet to fly Gigi and her friends to Coachella to watch Calvin Harris perform.


Birthday Weekend Goals-met vibes. One night at Coachella, thank you T!

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Taylor also gave her a big juicy birthday cake full of fruit to enjoy on the plane. Jealous? Then wait until you see Zayn's gift.

We doubt it was the only thing he gave Gigi, but it was the only thing she posted online – and by the looks of it she was pretty happy.

The Pillowtalk singer gave her a kitted-out birthday cake with a horse sitting on top as well as freesia flowers (which we're guessing are her fave).

She shared a snap of the cake on Twitter and captioned it, "he wins," along with a winky face and hearts.


If you're a dog person, you know it's hard to keep you cool even when you see a dog walk by on the street.

So, when this woman opened up a present for her birthday and there was a PUPPY inside, it's understandable that she could just not hold her chill.

We totally get her though. Now, excuse us while we go smother our dogs with hugs and kisses.