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Today is International Dog Day and in order to celebrate thortful.com have launched a search for the cutest dog — not an easy task!

They asked people to upload a photo of their pooch, and the response was overwhelming with over 2,150 entries and over 2,000 votes. The top ten photos were then shortlisted and the public were asked to vote for the dog they thought was the cutest.

The nation has spoken and we can now reveal that Cuddly Dudley, the two year old Pug has been crowned King of the Canines.

At only two years old, Dudley has stolen the hearts of the public with all his cuddly cuteness. Not only is Cuddly Dudley adorable, he also oozes charm and sophistication with his excellent sense of style.

In second place is the adorable Mable, a Bernese mountain puppy. Only 12 weeks old, Mable’s fluffy fur and exceptionally cute paws made her a strong contestant.

Third place went to the exceptionally cute Cavapoo, Dave who is described by his owners as ‘part teddy bear, part sock hunter.’ Only 5 months old and Dave has already proven he’s a heartbreaker.

Commenting on the competition, thortful.com explains “It was great to see so many people interested and keen to be involved in our search for the cutest canine. Dog cards are one of our most popular searches on our site and as we are a nation of dog lovers, we wanted to shine a light on all the dogs out there to find the cutest dog.”

“We are thrilled to announce that Cuddly Dudley has been crowned King of the Canines and want to thank all the dogs (and their owners) for taking part as the competition was fierce!”

The full range of Dog cards can be found at thortful.com/cards/dog.


If you're a dog person, you know it's hard to keep you cool even when you see a dog walk by on the street.

So, when this woman opened up a present for her birthday and there was a PUPPY inside, it's understandable that she could just not hold her chill.

We totally get her though. Now, excuse us while we go smother our dogs with hugs and kisses.