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Love Island's Joe Garratt has been hidden in a 'safehouse' since he was voted off the show after severe viewer backlash to his relationship with Lucie Donlan.

According to The Sun, the 22-year-old has been transferred to another location with two security guards and has been briefed about the online fury over his apparent 'possessive' behaviour towards Lucie.

"Joe has been in the safehouse since leaving the villa," an insider from the hit ITV reality show told the publication. Joe's friends and family have slammed the "unfair editing" of the show.

“There has been a backlash against him and as part of ITV’s new duty of care, they’re doing everything they can to help him deal with it when he comes out.”

Lucie was devastated after her coupling partner was voted off the island, along with Elma Pazar. The surfer spoke to cameras after his eviction, saying;

"I'm gutted. You could clearly see that me and Joe had feelings for each other. I don't know what I'll do without Joe. He's literally been my rock in here."

Joe promised to wait for the 21-year-old model/surfer outside of the Spanish villa. Joe's mum is said to be 'devastated' by the claims that her son is emotionally controlling Lucie.

The sandwich maker fell hard for the Cornish gal in the villa but was booted out, thanks to fellow islanders saying himself and Lucie weren't compatible.


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Speaking to the Mail Online, Joe's mum said: "I know my son and he’s not like how he’s being portrayed."

Women's Aid charity expressed their concern over Joe's actions, and viewers branded his behaviour "abusive", after he told her that her male friendships were 'weird' and that he wanted her to bond with the girls instead.

His mum, Rachel, has denied the claims; "Both myself and his sister are his best friends. He doesn’t emotionally control anyone. What has been said in the newspapers today is just sheer rubbish, that is not my boy."

She continued: "I see him every day of the week and there’s no way he would make a girl cry. He’s a normal, loving 22-year-old lad."


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She described his everyday life as a reason for his behaviour being different to what he was portrayed as on the show, which is a bit irrelevant? You can go to the gym and be emotionally controlling but alright…

"He’s got hundreds of friends, he goes to the gym every day. They all love him. He goes and plays rugby at the local club, they all love him.

"No friend he’s got, boy or girl, nor any of his ex-girlfriends have got a bad word to say about him," she added. "It’s a real shame this has happened."

The ITV2 show has received over 800 Ofcom complaints over Joe's relationship attitude toward Lucie. Women's Aid described Joe as having "possessive behaviour."

Donlan’s mum has also come out in support of her daughter's relationship with Joe. Speaking to the MailOnline, Celine said that her daughter is “very happy” on the show

Celine also praised ITV for the support they've been giving to both Lucie and the family.

"Lucie should stay on the show," she said.

"We've got no worries over her what so ever, she's very happy. The support given to her and us as a family by ITV has been amazing."


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The sandwich seller is now holed up in a Majorcan hotel where he will remain in hiding before flying home to the UK. This is standard Love Island procedure for the reality stars.

ITV bosses brought in new standards of aftercare this year, so it's looking likely that they are protecting Joe from the online anger against him.

He was bombarded with furious messages online over his romance with Lucie, and was accused of being "abusive" for asking her to spend less time with her friend, Tommy Fury.

Lucie is now distraught, and appears to be on the verge of voluntarily leaving the show. Lucie isn't sure how she'll cope without her partner, and is shown in tears in a clip from tonight's episode.

Many fans were also left raging over Amy's treatment of Lucie, after spotting her pulling a face when Lucie was saved.

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Love Island fans simply couldn't hold it together after Maura Higgins made a dramatic entrance into the villa, and laid all over her cards on the table.

The County Longford model and 'grid girl' was hailed a 'bad b*tch' on her arrival as she sparked arguments between Molly Mae and Tommy Fury.

The villa's other ladies made sure to heckle her during her dates with Tommy Fury, and Michael Griffiths, but Maura gave as good as she got and even fed Michael from her fork. *GASP*

Maura's interest in Tommy caused quite the blow up between himself and Molly Mae, but her flirtatious banter with him was a ballsy move and fans are loving it.

The midlands girl attempted successfully to turn Tommy's head, after borrowing a jacket from Molly Mae, who later exploded at Tommy in a rage. We had to laugh…

Fans were soaking up the drama, with one Twitter user saying: "Takes a proper Irish girl 30 seconds in the villa to get the buzz going. And now the real show begins. Maura Higgins I love you."

The memes were in flying form;

The UK couldn't quite handle Maura's filthy mouth, but she knows how to play the damn game and we HAVE to stan:

Her declarations of "the things I'd do to that man", and "I wish he was eating me" had the general public pure shooketh:

News also emerged that Maura was once ENGAGED, which is some serious tea:

Eagle-eyed fans spotted it on her old Depop account, but she's a single woman now so things must have turned sour. It is what it is, gals.

We can't wait to see what ridiculousness goes down later tonight, tune in at 9pm on Virgin Media 2. 

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It has just been announced that Love Island contestant Sherif Lanre has been kicked out of the villa and won't be coming back, not even for Anna.

Bosses confirmed via Twitter that they have “mutually agreed” with Sherif that he should leave the ITV2 reality show after he broke the rules. 

The reason behind his removal not confirmed, but according to Love Island Reactions, viewers will find out what happened on tonight and tomorrow night's shows.

It's suspected to be the fact that he's been seen on his phone numerous times on camera, but apparently he will pretty much just vanish from sight after tomorrow and Ian Stirling will do a voiceover announcement.

A spokesperson for the show said: “After breaking the villa rules Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.”

Sherif said: “In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa.

“I regret that I didn’t conduct myself in the right way and, as a 20-year-old guy, it’s something I know I will take on board and learn from." Police weren't involved, so it was presumably minor.


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He added; “I really enjoyed my time in the villa and look forward to catching up with everyone on the outside.”

The show continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm, and we'll be getting our Sherlock on to find some juicy answers.

This also means that his couple partner, Anna,  is now a single woman. The DRAH-MA.

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Ariana Grande has reportedly pulled out of her Grammy Awards performance after having a disagreement with the producers over which songs she would perform. 

Sources at Variety are claiming that she felt "insulted" after the producers refused to allow her to sing 7 Rings, her latest single from upcoming album Thank U Next.

The album is due out two days before the Grammys, and the 25-year-old singer has appeared on billboards across the USA promoting the show, which takes place this Sunday.


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Not only will she not be performing, she won't even be in attendance. YIKES…also devastating. We'd have loved to see her perform.

A compromise was apparently reached where 7 Rings could be sung as part of a medley, but she pulled out after the producers insisted that the second song choice was theirs to make.

The source also stated that such stipulations were not imposed on any other show performers, which is interesting. 

Grande has been absolutely KILLIN' IT this year, with Billboard number one album Sweetener and singles Thank U Next and 7 Rings.


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Who can forget the tunes God is a Woman and Breathin' too? She's been a gift. She's nominated in some of the Grammys biggest categories, including Best Pop Vocal Performance for God is a Woman and Best Pop Vocal Album.

The story is super similar to that of Lorde, who pulled out of the Grammys performance last year when producers told her she wasn't allowed to perform a song from her second album, Melodrama, which was nominated for Album of the Year.

Hmmm…suspicious. What's up with the producers?

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In a recent survey by music heavyweights THUMP, only 17 per cent of headliners at electronic music festivals were female, transgender or non-binary.

I think we can all agree that's a pretty small number.

That's why on International Women's Day in March of this year, Smirnoff pledged to double that number by 2020.

Smirnoff has many partners around the world inspiring women to take part in #MoveTheNeedle, and now it's Ireland's turn.

ELLLL, DJ and Producer

#MoveTheNeedle is a mini-documentary being launched in the Republic and Northern Ireland today, and features leading women involved in Irish electronic music.

The mini-doc and accompanying campaigns aim to inspire a new wave of female DJs and producers.

To accomplish its aim, Smirnoff, in collab with ELLLL, are hosting #MoveTheNeedle workshops across four cities in Ireland; Galway, Belfast, Cork and Dublin.

ELLLL (Ellen King), a DJ and producer rising to the top of the Irish techno scene, has also founded the GASH Collective, which involves women in the industry holding showcases and training events across the country.

Sally Cinnamon, leading Irish DJ

She took part in the mini-doc and believes, "there's no reason why people – male or female – can't work together to share knowledge and help each other across the board.

"There should be cross pollination in all areas. These workshops are really about everyone getting up and having a go."

Other inspiring women in the mini-doc include Aoife Nic Canna, who has been named the Queen of House by Hotpress, Sally Cinnamon, a leading Irish DJ and Veronica Vasicka, the founder of Minimal Wave Records in New York.

"By 2020, Smirnoff aims to make a difference by doubling the number of women headliners and this mission requires music fans and industry leaders to work together to achieve this bold goal," said Syl Saller, Diageo Chief Marketing Officer.

Aoife Nic Canna, leading Irish DJ

So, if you want to be part of this movement, or you're an aspiring DJ/producer that wants to be involved, here are the workshop dates:

Galway – June 18

Galway Arts Centre – featuring; ELLLL, Lolz and Aoife Nic Canna


Belfast – July 15

Catalyst Arts – featuring; ELLLL, Marian Hawkes and Aoife Nic Canna


Cork – July 22

Wandesforyh Gallery – featuring; ELLLL, Lolz and Aoife Nic Canna


Dublin – August 12

The Tara Building – featuring; ELLLL, Eve and Aoife Nic Canna

The GASH Collective

"By partnering with the GASH Collective for the series of workshops, we are working with a team of immensely talented electronic music producers, DJs and teachers who will provide practical hands on training to the people who sign up," said Head of Smirnoff Europe, Chris Laidlaw.

The Dublin showcase will take place on the same night of the Dublin workshop, August 12 in Yamamori Tengu from 11pm-2.30am.

If you want to sign up or get more information about the mini-doc or workshops, check out this website.

And of course, check out the mini-documentary, #MoveTheNeedle below:




While celebrations seem to have come and gone for the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls, we still have another excuse to quote our favourite film to our hearts content.

Mean Screen and the producers have decided to come together to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the film’s first release in Ireland with a special screening of the film in June.

As well as an opportunity to re-watch our favourite film, the Sugar Club is also creating amazing offers to celebrate the anniversary with special themed Mean Girls drinks, including  Glen Coco Cocktails (you go Glen Coco!)

Tickets are on sale now for the special plastics event and doors will open from 7.30 pm on Tuesday the 3rd of June at Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin.

We can’t wait, it’s going to be so fetch!