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Every year, H&M teams up with a famous brand to produce an affordable range of designer clothing. 

We've seen collections from Erdem, Balmain and Alexander Wang (and many others). 

This year, we'll be gifted with a range of clothing from none other than Jeremy Scott and Moschino.

In an announcement made by Gigi Hadid at Moschino’s annual Coachella party, it was revealed that they were teaming up with H&M.

Speaking to Vogue, Jeremy said that: "This collaboration makes me feel like I’m able to give something again. Lots of young people love my clothes…and we make phone cases and little things like that, but in order to have a ‘lewk,’ I love that this is now something that will be affordable."

Moschino x H&M will include womenswear and menswear, with a number of casual and dressy pieces with ranging from €25 to €300.

The collection stands to be a merge of the affordable fashion H&M shoppers have grown to expect, along with the trendy (and sometimes a bit bonkers) fashion Moschino is loved for.

Moschino x H&M drops on November 8, and we cannot wait. 




Moschino is a weird brand.

It's ultra-quirky, sticks to pop-culture like it's a religion, and well, it sometimes likes to take the mick out of itself.

For example, it designs clothes that looks like paper and plastic, but in reality, it's really expensive and functional material – just look at the previous Barbie and McDonald's collections.

However, this season, we feel like the brand has gone a bit too far because they used an actual roll of toilet paper in their latest runway.

Yep, it's not some cotton-blend of materials. It's toilet paper. With a chain running through it and Moschino printed on the front.

But, that wasn't the only weird thing about the season's collection. The brand's designer, Jeremy Scott, used a sock as a handbag, a duster as a hat, and a bracelet that looked like it was a cut-out tin can (God love the model who had to wear that – ouch!).

While we usually love Moschino's unusual style, we might opt out of well… everything from this collection.


For some time now, the people behind the legendary Barbie doll have been trying very hard to shake the blonde’s reputation for giving young girls unrealistic beauty standards.

In a new ad, their latest efforts to squash stereotypes surrounding the dolls are out on display with pretty adorable results. 

Their new Moschino doll is pretty amazing, and it’s not surprising that everyone would want the chance to play with it, and that includes boys. 

Barbie may still have a tiny waist and feet that look like they will always be in stilettos, but now it seems that she’s suggesting it is perfectly fine for young boys to want to play with dolls too.

In September, Mattel’s “You Can Do Anything” ad for Barbie made the Internet very happy with its empowering message. The idea behind the ad was that when little girls play with Barbies, they can imagine themselves in the roles of college professors, coaches and veterinarians. 

Mattel have now featured a young boy in the ad who informs us that “Moschino Barbie is so fierce,” and adds to this claim by ensuring she is accessorised like a boss.

This Moschino ad is the first time a boy has been cast in an ad for Barbie, and the power of a designer collection aside, people were clearly excited about the doll.

The €140 limited edition doll, which came with mini designer T shirts and accessory items, sold out on Net-a-Porter in under an hour, according to Women’s Wear Daily

Ok fine, so we’re maybe a little bit old to be playing with Barbies, but this is probably the most fiercely fashionable doll there is, and we want one.

Unfortunately, they are completely sold out. So we will have to be happy with watching this very trendy ad over and over again. 


This week hasn't gotten off to a great start for some of our favourite celebs. First, we hear that Taylor Swift is being accused of copyright infringement and now Jeremy Scott, Moschino's head fashion designer is dealing with a very similar claim. 

The famed designer is being sued by Brooklyn-based artist Joseph Tierney, claiming that Jeremy "blatantly stole" one of his graffiti designs, which was used for Katy Perry's Met Gala Ball gown. 

The gown was also seen on Gigi Hadid in March during Moschino's runway show and the artist is demanding a large cash compensation for the alleged "rip-off" of his work. 

However, Page Six reports that Mr Scott has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The website reported that Jeremy insisted the graffiti graphics "were selected and created by a graphic artist and completely independently of me."

He also added that the content of the dress was supposed to "subvert the seriousness of traditional black-tie fashion while also commenting on the way society objectifies women."

However, Joseph was unsatisfied with Jeremy's response and claims that the designer is just "shifting blame."

Only time will tell how this one will end!



With many designers taking part in Madonna's Rebel Heart tour, it was hard to call who would design the most show-stopping outfit. 

The likes of Alexander Wang, Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu and Swarovski are all collaborating with Madonna on her tour. 

We were very excited to hear that Moschino's lead designer Jeremy Scott is collaborating with the 57-year-old songstress because we all know how wild his outfits can be!

But when Gucci unveiled sketches of the popstar's wardrobe, we knew the stakes are high as these outfits are going to be incredibly hard to beat. 

Full of exoctic gypsy-inspired looks – Gucci mixed ruffles with multi-coloured trimmings and embroideries, silk flowers and jacquard lace.

How dreamy!  Here is your first look at the two unveiled sketches:




It was announced today that Madonna is collaborating with Moschino's designer and creative director, Jeremy Scott for her forthcoming Rebel Heart tour.  

It is not the first time the dynamic duo have teamed up: Madonna wore one of his designs to the Costume Institute Gala earlier this year. Jeremy also kitted out the singer and her entourage for her latest single Bitch, I'm Madonna

We just hope Jeremy puts no capes in his creations for her tour! 

Moschino, the Italian luxury fashion house is renowned for its over-the-top and outlandish designs, with Jeremy designing costumes for many of Hollywood's elite. He famously made the costumes for Katy Perry's Super Bowl half-time show earlier this year and he has also worked closely with Miley Cyrus. 

It's a big year for Mr Scott though, as he has a movie coming out about his life and rise in the fashion industry. Due to be released this September, it will feature appearances from Jared Leto, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora and Paris Hilton. 

You can watch the trailer here: 




Katy Perry is barely recognisable in these latest images from Moschino’s striking new campaign.

The 30-year-old singer appeared remarkably different in the shots, one of which she has now posted to Twitter. Wearing a gold bralet, heaps of chains and a cropped denim jacket, Katy was even sporting her much talked about pixie-cut. Very retro glamour.  

With a tight black pencil skirt accessorised with even more heavy gold chains, the grunge-glam style shoot is giving off a very Madonna type vibe.

Not all that surprising considering both Katy and Madonna were a part of the Met Gala Moschino squad not too long ago.

Designer for the brand, Jeremy Scott, and Ms Perry are close friends too so it’s no surprise the Firework singer has been enlisted for the Moschino Fall 2015 campaign.

He was also responsible for dressing the star for her recent, much-talked about Super Bowl performance. Back in 2014, she also modelled in the Moschino show during Milan Fashion Week.

And wait a minute: doesn’t that gold quilted bra look a little familiar?

Being of an eagle-eyed persuasion, we realised that that gold number is the very same one she wore at Coachella earlier this year. Back then, Katy paired it with some over-sized (emphasis on the over) gold hoops and patch-work denim jeans.

It’s been a busy week for the singer too: not only did the Moschino image generate serious buzz on social media, but her Dark Horse video reached 1billion views on Youtube. That’s a first for any female singer. Wowsers.



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