This week hasn't gotten off to a great start for some of our favourite celebs. First, we hear that Taylor Swift is being accused of copyright infringement and now Jeremy Scott, Moschino's head fashion designer is dealing with a very similar claim. 

The famed designer is being sued by Brooklyn-based artist Joseph Tierney, claiming that Jeremy "blatantly stole" one of his graffiti designs, which was used for Katy Perry's Met Gala Ball gown. 

The gown was also seen on Gigi Hadid in March during Moschino's runway show and the artist is demanding a large cash compensation for the alleged "rip-off" of his work. 

However, Page Six reports that Mr Scott has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit. The website reported that Jeremy insisted the graffiti graphics "were selected and created by a graphic artist and completely independently of me."

He also added that the content of the dress was supposed to "subvert the seriousness of traditional black-tie fashion while also commenting on the way society objectifies women."

However, Joseph was unsatisfied with Jeremy's response and claims that the designer is just "shifting blame."

Only time will tell how this one will end!