WATCH: This is the first boy EVER to be in a Barbie ad and he nailed it

For some time now, the people behind the legendary Barbie doll have been trying very hard to shake the blonde’s reputation for giving young girls unrealistic beauty standards.

In a new ad, their latest efforts to squash stereotypes surrounding the dolls are out on display with pretty adorable results. 

Their new Moschino doll is pretty amazing, and it’s not surprising that everyone would want the chance to play with it, and that includes boys. 

Barbie may still have a tiny waist and feet that look like they will always be in stilettos, but now it seems that she’s suggesting it is perfectly fine for young boys to want to play with dolls too.

In September, Mattel’s “You Can Do Anything” ad for Barbie made the Internet very happy with its empowering message. The idea behind the ad was that when little girls play with Barbies, they can imagine themselves in the roles of college professors, coaches and veterinarians. 

Mattel have now featured a young boy in the ad who informs us that “Moschino Barbie is so fierce,” and adds to this claim by ensuring she is accessorised like a boss.

This Moschino ad is the first time a boy has been cast in an ad for Barbie, and the power of a designer collection aside, people were clearly excited about the doll.

The €140 limited edition doll, which came with mini designer T shirts and accessory items, sold out on Net-a-Porter in under an hour, according to Women’s Wear Daily

Ok fine, so we’re maybe a little bit old to be playing with Barbies, but this is probably the most fiercely fashionable doll there is, and we want one.

Unfortunately, they are completely sold out. So we will have to be happy with watching this very trendy ad over and over again.