‘Should be thanking her’: So it was Tay that wrote one of Calvin’s hits


They have denied rumours in the past, but now it has surfaced that Taylor Swift was the brains behind This Is What You Came For.

The track by Calvin Harris and Rihanna originally named Taylor as a co-writer, but the credit list later changed her name to Nils Sjoberg, which is believed to be Ms Swift's pseudonym.

However, now TMZ is reporting that is was the song that had Taylor and Calvin at "breaking point."


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According to the site, while Tay Tay and Calvin were still dating, she came up with the song and did a demo on her phone.

Then after forwarding it to Calvin, the couple hit the studio and did a full demo with Taylor singing and Calvin on the beat. They later realised if they released it together, it would be more about them and not about the track.


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So in the end, Calvin recorded it with Rihanna. However, on the day of the release, Calvin was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest, and when asked if he'd ever record with his then-girlfriend, Calvin said: "You know we haven't even spoken about it. I can't see it happening though."


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TMZ claims that this was the "breaking point in the relationship," and that "Taylor was hurt and felt Calvin took it too far."

It was just days afterwards that Taylor was spotted dancing the night away with Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala.

The website also alleges that Taylor's squad want to reveal the truth behind the track because "they're sick of Calvin trashing Taylor and feel he should be thanking her for quietly giving him a smash hit."