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If there is anything we could wish for (food wise), this would be it. 

Over the weekend, a Twitter user uploaded a few photos of what looked like a pretty odd food item… but little did we know it was the food item we've all been waiting on.

It was sliced chocolate. Yep, sliced chocolate just like easi-single cheese!

Of course, the tweet went viral and now everyone all over the world wants a slice.

And not only does it make a mean chocolate toastie, it's also pretty cool for decorations and goes beautifully with a crepe. Yum!

The product is made by Japanese sweet company, Bourbon and it is sold widely around Japan. 

Hopefully it'll hit our shores soon! 


We all hate it when our gleaming new phones turn into grubby, scratched messes; but a mobile phone firm in Japan believes it has found a solution to your problems. 

The smartphone firm, KDDI, says it has the answer with what it describes as the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water and withstand a bubbly bath. 

“Our development team washed the smartphone more than 700 times to test its durability,” a KDDI spokesman told website AFP.

The washable phone features Android 5.1 and has a 5-inch display, 2GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and is going for 21,600 yen (€162).

But the spokesman also cautioned consumers that only specific types of soap can be used on the phone, and bar soap is strictly not to be used when washing the phone. 


It's been an exciting few months for McDonalds with a flurry of new menu items, like the gourmet breakfast, the abundance of McNuggets and new cheesy mozzarella sticks (YUM). 

But the two new additions to the Maccy D's family have proven to be quite controversial for a few customers. 

First, McDonald's in Japan introduced Truffle Fries. Now, we know truffles are mega-expensive so it's certainly one menu item we did not see coming. 

Many fans were excited by the new addition and caused quite the commotion on Twitter:

But then there was even more commotion when customers actually tasted the Truffle Fries. And let's just say, they weren't impressed:

Then, one McDonald's in California decided to bring back a dessert item that hasn't been on the menu since 1992; the Blueberry Pie. 

Once knocked off the McD's roaster because it was too unhealthy, the fast food restaurant in SoCal brought it back for a limited time only. 

We're not too sure about the Truffle Fries, but one thing we definitely would welcome back is that delicious crusty blueberry pie. 

Let's hope it hits our shores soon!



Her ex Zayn might be moving on with model Gigi Hadid, but Perrie Edwards has other things to focus on.

A tour in Japan, for instance, which she's currently doing with her fellow Little Mix ladies. And while she's at it, Perrie has gone and gotten herself a new hairstyle too.


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards (@perrieeele) on

The singer took to Instagram this morning to show off her revamped 'do – a gorgeous full fringe, with her long locks tied into a topknot and a few wavy strands framing her face.

"Somebody help. Japan is taking over me," she wrote alongside a snap of her taking in some sun, dressed in a textured leather skirt and cropped white t-shirt.


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards (@perrieeele) on

How stunning?

It seems Perrie was ready for a fresh start after chopping her long blonde locks off back in March, just weeks after Zayn quit One Direction to return home to her.

From one gorgeous new hairstyle to another, can this blonde beauty do no wrong?

The 23-year-old has been making an effort to move on from her ex-fiancé of late – she's even made a very independent choice and moved into the house she and Zayn bought together back in July.

Perrie was spotted in London last week buying household supplies, including a vacuum cleaner, before heading back to the €6m mansion with her mother in tow.


Ah McDonalds, a fine institution of all things fine dining.

Ok fine, the fast food chain are not exactly serving caviar, but really it’s only going to be a matter time.

After introducing 48-piece McNugget meals to the menu in Japan (we’re not even kidding), we feel like it is just a matter of time before that gourmet menu loses the run of itself altogether. 

It seems like sushi fanatics are already pushing for an interesting twist on some McDonald’s staples.

In a YouTube video, the Miami-based sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada creates futomaki using a McDonald's Big Mac. The concept is absolutely ridiculous, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't want to try it.

Thank you America, you have given us yet another reason to head to the golden arch. 

First, Hiroyuki cuts each bun in half horizontally to make them thin enough to form a replacement for the seaweed that typically holds everything together in a sushi roll. He then presses them together to form a thin sheet of bread.

After carefully arranging all of the Big Mac ingredients, plus some avocado, tomato, fresh herbs, spicy mayo and, of course, the iconic skinny cut chips, he rolls up his creation, unveiling a tightly curled Big Mac sushi roll.

Then he cuts them into bite-size portions and arranges them on a plate in such a fashion that we can practically hear the Instagram likes rapidly accumulating. 

So, to recap: Americans are making Big Mac sushi and Japanese nugget fans are living the dream of 48 piece McNugget buckets, meanwhile we are sitting over here dreaming of the day the all-day breakfast menu reaches our shores.

To be fair, the 48 piece deal is for a limited time only, but at least Japanese fans get the opportunity to experience the McNugget bucket.


Jesy Nelson has announced that she is going to be pulling out of the Little Mix tour and leaving her bandmates to continue to Japan without her.

She has told fans that she has a “horrid” ear infection which has forced her to pull out of the next leg of the tour. She has not yet confirmed if she will be joining the group again after their time in Japan. 

The rest of band seem pretty excited about their next adventure as they took to Twitter and wrote:

"Gutted our beautiful Jesminda wont be in Japan with us BUT we wouldn't miss this trip for the world! So excited! x." 

Just recently, Jesy was spotted leaving a launch party for the band’s latest album in floods of tears. Apparently she and fiancée Jake Roche had a massive row that left Jesy visibly upset.

The group had gathered with friends and fellow celebs at Kensington's Bodo's Schloss nightclub to celebrate their new album. According to a source, Jesy and Jake had a "tispy" argument mid-way into the evening.

She addressed the photos in a recent interview and said “everyone gets drunk and gets emotional.”

Perrie Edwards added that she herself has been known to get a bit teary after a few drinks. She said she had a “moment” when the band were celebrating the success of Get Weird.

"It's relatable. Everyone cries when they get drunk," she told The Sun. "We all need a cuddle,” she added.

“I love it when we stick our heads together as a four. We were in the middle of a nightclub and having a moment."


As far as food creations go, there has been a few weird ones in only this year alone. How about our pumpkin spice obsession? We mixed that with everything from chilli to fizzy drinks.

And what about the very recent chocolate and cherry sandwich? Now, that's one to get your head around (although it probably tastes FAB).

But now, the regular Kit Kat is after getting a major upgrade in Japan. The newest twist on the chocolate-wafer bar, is one we never saw coming: Kit Kat wrapped in edible gold leaf.

Nestle Japan has decided to celebrate reaching 1 million customers at Japan's Kit Kat chocolate factory (or chocolatory, as they like to call it), by offering the special gold Kit Kat, Inventor Spot has reported. 

And the gold-covered chocolate bars are not only unique for their lavish surrounding, as only 500 of them will be released in individually wrapped portions (as in, you'll only be getting one half, or one 'finger', of the bar).

They will cost 2,016 yen (€15.42) but unfortunately, the luxury chocolate will only be available in Japan. Maybe next year they might grace our shores.



There is surely no one who hasn't experience the horror of a cracked phone screen: you drop your beloved device on the ground, hear the gut-renching sound of shattered glass, subsequently picking the item up to confirm your very worst fears.

You have two options: grin and bear and attempt to operate it through smashed glass – or cough up the €100-odd required to fix it.

Neither, needless to say, are ideal.

However, now Japanese scientists say they've come up with an innovative, light-weight aluminium that could signal the end of broken phone screens.

The material is so strong it rivals some metals – including iron, copper and stainless steel – and it can also be used to create super slim smartphone covers. 

Dr Atsunobu Masuno, from the Institute Of Industrial Science at the University Of Tokyo who led the research, told the Asahi Shinbun newspaper: "We will establish a way to mass-produce the new material shortly.

"We are looking to commercialise the technique within five years."

Previous attempts to use alumina in glass have been unsuccessful as it tends to crystallise when it touches the sides of a container.


One beauty editor for Elle magazine, April Long, travelled to China to see if the beauty craze of eating collagen was actually real… and what she found there is somewhat shocking. 

April recalls how she arrived at a restaurant and subsequently spotted a number of unusual food items on the menu.

Intrigued, she went to talk to the chef about what was on offer. 

"Young women, especially, come here to eat donkey hide," the chef told her, adding: "they believe it keeps them beautiful". 

The tradition of consuming certain foods to rejuvenate the complexion is a very old one in China, with the practise of ingesting donkey skin dating back to the first century BC.

The theory behind the tradition is that eating something that has a lot of collagen in it will then produce collagen in their own skin as well. 

But does it actually work? 

Heaps of Chinese and Japanese women absolutely swear by it, with pharmacies and supermarkets in that part of the world filled with fruit-flavoured shots, collagen-infused marshmallows and even a collagen beer called Precious. 

They consume an average of 5g of collagen per day. In contrast, in this part of the world we're used to eating skinless and boneless everything, so our diets are virtually devoid of collagen.

April remarked after her trip that "we're only beginning to understand the difference it makes". 

But will women living on this side of the world buy into the trend?

Even though there is no hard evidence supporting the craze, Chinese and Japanese women often look much younger than their years – something plenty of Western women would love to tap into.

We're a bit undecided on this one – but don't be surprised if you begin to spot donkey hide in your local health food cafe sometime soon!


How many times have you gone to work or college – sans make up – after a night on the tiles, only for people to come up and ask "are you okay, you look sick?"

It infuriates us all to say the least! However, it seems that some folk now WANT to look like they've had one too many.

Known as byojaku (sickly) make up and hugely popular in Japan, this particular trend aims to emulate the appearance of being ill.

And there we were for years covering up red, puffy and swollen eyes after a hard night out – when all this time it should have been something we embraced. 

This rather unique trend has lately become so popular in Japan that models sporting the sickly look are even being featured on the cover of major glossy magazines.

What's more, tutorials on YouTube on how to perfect your byojaku make up skills have received more than 100,000 views.

The trend concentrates on heavy under-eye bags and redness, along with furrowed brows and pale skin. And the desired result is to appear fragile and doll-like – like you need looking after. 

Here's how to achieve the trend (without downing half a bottle of vodka)…

  • Create pale skin by using a green-based concealer and foundation a few shades lighter than your natural skin tone.
  • Fill in your brows with a light brown pencil or eyebrow powder. Draw them straight to achieve the furrowed brow look.
  • Get pink or red lipstick or lip stain and lightly tap on to lips, cheeks and under your eyes.




In fairness, we totally get it.

Shabani is the male gorilla at a Japanese zoo that has been drawing in the crowds because of his rugged good looks… oh yes, that’s right, his rugged good looks!

According to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, they have seen a huge spike in the number of female visitors to the zoo ever since Shabani gained public notoriety.

We do have to admit, as gorillas go… he’s pretty damn cute! 

Check out the guns on this guy 


He has totally perfected the soul-searching stare


Shake dat ass 


A photo posted by @costona22 on


Oooh! Looks like someone is a little jealous! 



Now we’ve seen a lot of odd make-up trends in our days, but making yourself look ill is definitely one we have yet to encounter…until now!

The trend, known as ‘me no shita chiiku’ is really popular in Japan writes Refinery 29, and sees women applying their blush not just on cheekbones, but actually underneath their eyes too.

A quick search on Google of the term ‘Byojaku’ will show you that this ‘sickly’ look is very much a trend with the wearer appearing vulnerable and quite child-like, which it seems is the aim of the look.

However, illness isn’t the only look many Japanese women go for when they apply blush under their eyes as blogger RinRin Doll explains: “Rather than a sick look, the blush brings a more youthful and innocent look to the face.”

Hmm, we think we’ve spent far too long learning how to conceal our under-eye baggage so we may give this trend a skip – would you give it a try?! 

Here is Rin Rin Doll doing a tutorial on her popular make-up look:


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