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Aqua Sana Longford Forest has officially opened its doors, promising an unforgettable spa experience. Set amongst 400 acres of serene woodland within the Center Parcs Longford Forest resort, Aqua Sana offers a unique concept that blends the forest environment into the spa experience.

From the Scandinavian-inspired Nordic Forest to the tranquillity of the Hot Springs, there is something for everyone at Aqua Sana, from spa novices to seasoned spa goers. Spa lovers can now book their choice of day or overnight spa packages at the stunning Aqua Sana Spa.

Set in the heart of the country, Aqua Sana is Ireland’s newest and largest stand-alone spa measuring more than 2,500 square metres, including 14 treatment rooms where spa therapists deliver Elemis and VOYA treatments. Overnight guests can relax and unwind in beautifully appointed Lakeside Apartments.

The spa offers 21 hot, cold, sensory and meditative experiences across four unique zones – Nordic Forest, Hot Springs, Volcanic Forest and Treetop Nesting. Experiences range from the soothing dry heat of the Nordic Sauna, with breath-taking views of the pine forest to the Forest Rain Walk which harnesses the benefits of meridian acupressure.

Fans of warming experiences will relish the relaxing qualities of Volcanic Steam, where an amber glow replicates the inside of a volcano, and the tropical temperatures in the Forest Glade, with a cooling mist to replicate the rainforest. The forest environment is even more apparent with the Hot Springs Garden, where large outdoor hot tubs allow you to soak under the stars as you breathe in the fresh forest air.

The Forest Garden, unique to Aqua Sana Longford Forest, surrounds you with greenery as you lie back and watch the clouds through a skylight in the ceiling.

Spa visitors are also offered complimentary sleep sessions with Aqua Sana sleep experts guiding guests to awaken the mind, allowing clear, meaningful and mindful thoughts as well as providing sleep advice in the sleep-inducing relaxation area.

The sleep session begins with a skincare taster using natural products from renowned product houses, Elemis or VOYA, and the session concludes with a relaxation ritual that sees guests completely unwind and make time for mindfulness.

Kay Pennington, Aqua Sana Group Manager, said: “Aqua Sana is a unique spa experience, bringing together the proven benefits of forest bathing with dedicated and outstanding customer service. Not only is it the country’s biggest spa, it also offers spa experiences which tap into current spa trends, such as forest bathing, while also offering traditional spa experiences, such as saunas and hot tubs, albeit with a forest twist. We’re confident that our guests will leave feeling rested, revitalised and restored.”

Both day and overnight spa breaks at Aqua Sana Longford Forest are available to book from today with packages starting from €55. To find out more about Aqua Sana and book your spa day or break, visit www.aquasana.ie



There's nothing better than relaxing and pampering yourself.

We firmly believe that a little beauty prep can thoroughly set us up for the week ahead, so that's why we could totally get used to Janssen Cosmetics' bespoke treatments.

The beauty brand hosted a pop-up salon in The Morrison Hotel last Tuesday, where bloggers, influencers and beauty editors sampled everything Janssen has to offer.

Julia McCarthy, the Janssen Cosmetics expert for Ireland, was on hand to introduce all of its products and gave one to one consultations in order to establish the perfect skin care regime for each guest.

Everyone on the day also enjoyed a customised facial, with nourishing treatments to improve elasticity, reduce fine lines and detox the skin.

Janssen Cosmetics covers all types of skin; dry, sensitive, demanding, oily, combination and fair, so you know you can trust what you're putting on your skin.

The day looked like a total dream, and we're definitely going to head along for a Janssen Cosmetics facial sometime soon.

Their treatments are available at select salons nationwide, or you can buy products over on this website.


Women are so used to undergoing beauty treatments every day/week/month that it's become a total norm for us.

Eyebrows plucked? No bother. Quick leg wax? OK. Manicure and pedicure? That's heaven.

Now, don't get us wrong, we feel the pain. But, most of us are so used to our standard beauty treatments by now that we just put up with the sting.

However, it's a total different story when a man sits in the treatment chair, as you'll see from this video by Buzzfeed India.

At the start of the video, one of the men says that he has a "high pain tolerance," so the treatments should be no bother to him. Right? 

Nope, he was wrong, so wrong. One guy chimes in that it's "not worth the pain, it was destructive," and another thinks it was just, "pain, pain, pain, PLUCK, pain, pain, pain."

Watch the video below to see how they got on: 


One beauty editor for Elle magazine, April Long, travelled to China to see if the beauty craze of eating collagen was actually real… and what she found there is somewhat shocking. 

April recalls how she arrived at a restaurant and subsequently spotted a number of unusual food items on the menu.

Intrigued, she went to talk to the chef about what was on offer. 

"Young women, especially, come here to eat donkey hide," the chef told her, adding: "they believe it keeps them beautiful". 

The tradition of consuming certain foods to rejuvenate the complexion is a very old one in China, with the practise of ingesting donkey skin dating back to the first century BC.

The theory behind the tradition is that eating something that has a lot of collagen in it will then produce collagen in their own skin as well. 

But does it actually work? 

Heaps of Chinese and Japanese women absolutely swear by it, with pharmacies and supermarkets in that part of the world filled with fruit-flavoured shots, collagen-infused marshmallows and even a collagen beer called Precious. 

They consume an average of 5g of collagen per day. In contrast, in this part of the world we're used to eating skinless and boneless everything, so our diets are virtually devoid of collagen.

April remarked after her trip that "we're only beginning to understand the difference it makes". 

But will women living on this side of the world buy into the trend?

Even though there is no hard evidence supporting the craze, Chinese and Japanese women often look much younger than their years – something plenty of Western women would love to tap into.

We're a bit undecided on this one – but don't be surprised if you begin to spot donkey hide in your local health food cafe sometime soon!