Would you try this popular but bizarre make-up trend?


Now we’ve seen a lot of odd make-up trends in our days, but making yourself look ill is definitely one we have yet to encounter…until now!

The trend, known as ‘me no shita chiiku’ is really popular in Japan writes Refinery 29, and sees women applying their blush not just on cheekbones, but actually underneath their eyes too.

A quick search on Google of the term ‘Byojaku’ will show you that this ‘sickly’ look is very much a trend with the wearer appearing vulnerable and quite child-like, which it seems is the aim of the look.

However, illness isn’t the only look many Japanese women go for when they apply blush under their eyes as blogger RinRin Doll explains: “Rather than a sick look, the blush brings a more youthful and innocent look to the face.”

Hmm, we think we’ve spent far too long learning how to conceal our under-eye baggage so we may give this trend a skip – would you give it a try?! 

Here is Rin Rin Doll doing a tutorial on her popular make-up look: