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Urban Bourbon? Sign us up!

Yep, Ben & Jerry's might be releasing a boozy ice cream flavour, and we are so up for it.

Urban Bourbon consists of caramel ice cream, almonds, fudge flakes, and obvs, a few shots of caramel bourbon.

The Instagram account, Candy Hunting is famous for having the inside scoop (heh heh) on upcoming sweets and treats, and according to them, the flavour will be released in the next few months.

Now, Ben & Jerry's hasn't confirmed anything just yet, but as THRILLIST points out, the ice cream company applied to trademark the name Urban Bourbon a couple of months ago aaaand Walmart has also set up a black landing page to purchase it.

Oh, Ben and Jerry, why do you tease us?!


If there is anything we could wish for (food wise), this would be it. 

Over the weekend, a Twitter user uploaded a few photos of what looked like a pretty odd food item… but little did we know it was the food item we've all been waiting on.

It was sliced chocolate. Yep, sliced chocolate just like easi-single cheese!

Of course, the tweet went viral and now everyone all over the world wants a slice.

And not only does it make a mean chocolate toastie, it's also pretty cool for decorations and goes beautifully with a crepe. Yum!

The product is made by Japanese sweet company, Bourbon and it is sold widely around Japan. 

Hopefully it'll hit our shores soon! 



Winter is the best time of the year to invest in some great footwear so we were delighted to hear our fave Irish comic queen has returned with another shoe collection for us to drool over.

The ever stylish Hubes posted a pic to her instagram yesterday from her latest campaign with Bourbon footwear. Her fifth collection with the footwear retailer features a wide range of styles and colours from metallic pointed heels to suede charcoal grey boots. 

Speaking to Xpose, Amy picks the delectable ‘Forever Young’ grey suede high heeled boot as her favourite from the collection, calling it her ultimate “dressy shoe boot.” Available from just €119.99, these boots are perfect to get you through the party season.

Amy has revealed that her different shoe types are named after some of her favourite films. For example, the Bullitt is named after a 1968 film by Steve McQueen. Cute! There is also the ‘Atonement’ (a peep-toe heel), the ‘Fame’ (a sparkly ankle boot) and the ‘Grease’ (a biker boot of course!).

The 'Sixteen Candles' in Blush €99.99
The 'Grease' Biker Boot in Noir €129.99,
The 'Singing in the Rain' boot in Couch €129.99
The 'Working Girl' Flat in Pewter €99.99

Lucky for us all the collection is already available to peruse online, but make sure you are quick because certain styles are already selling out. 

We are counting down the days to payday!