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Remember the last time your other half did something that wound you up?

If you addressed it, rectified it and moved on within the space of two minutes, then fair play, but Enya Martin's latest upload isn't going to strike a chord with you.

If, however, you threw a wobbler, insisted you weren't overreacting and then brought up something that happened about six weeks ago, this video is for you.

Uploaded to Enya's Giz a Laugh Facebook page this week, the skit taps into the random row we've all had with our other halves which escalated… and escalated… and escalated.

It's nice to know we're not alone..



We all have a WhatsApp group with our best gal pals, and after a night out, our phones are hopping thanks to the goss being doled out in the sacred space. 

From questions like "where did you all go last night? I had to get a taxi on my own," and "I'm afraid to even look in my clutch girls, I spent a bomb last night," this viral parody video is literally every Irish girl's group chat. 

From comedian Enya Martin's page Giz A Laugh, the video is told through the medium of Snapchat filters and we couldn't love it more. 

The video has already been viewed 215,000 times so it's well on it's way to going completely viral. 

The video depicts all the different types of girls within a night out friend group, from the dry arse to the sesh mot, and of course, the one who always gets sick everywhere. 

Check it out for yourself, it's hilarious: