We know we're a bit biased, but there's definitely something in the water in this country that makes us Irish ladies stand out from the crowd.

Not everything that makes us different is necessarily positive, but we wouldn't have things any other way.

Here are a few of the things that make Irish women a unique breed…

1. We are utterly incapable of taking a compliment
"This dress? Had it for ten years. Cost a fiver… You look great though."


2. We're the best craic all the same
And we show affection by taking the p*ss, so don't get upset.


3. We're open with our emotions, but we're never soppy
"I'm just gonna go home, turn on Marley & Me and cry for five hours, then I'll be graaaand."


4. We have an intricate knowledge of the world of fake tan
Instant, overnight, spray… whatever your bronzer of choice, we have the inside scoop.


5. We can charm the pants off of anyone
So don't be afraid to bring us home to meet your mammy because she is gonna LOVE us. Hopefully.


6. We make a mean cup of tea
And we know just when it's needed too.


7. We have a sixth sense about the weather 
A quick squint at the sky and we can instantly tell if rain is on the way.


8. We are loyal to a fault.
So don't cross us…or our pals. Got it?