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We met Sharon, the founder of Peachy Lean an Ireland-based business providing funky women's gym leggings, who aim to support strong women (like you!) who like to look good while working out in the gym. She spoke to us about her journey so far, its challenges and the advice she would give fellow women starting out. 

1. Tell us how Peachy Lean came to be and about its products?

When I was 33, I fell pregnant with my first son, a joyful time, or what was supposed to be.. Unfortunately, I was one of many women who suffered from prenatal anxiety and subsequently post-natal depression (PND). it was a very, very, tough time. I used exercise as a form of anti-depressant and spent every morning in the gym. 

I was shocked just how much my body changed after childbirth, my clothing just didn’t fit anymore. I was sick of buying branded activewear that was ill-fitting and every time I bent over to do a stretch or squat my rear end would show out the other side!

The activewear leggings I was spending big money on just didn’t support women in areas like their tummy and rear pelvis, so, I decided I was going to design and manufacture leggings that were non-transparent, supportive in the pelvis and fit the way they're supposed to. 

2. What are the main challenges you face?

Design: I’m not a designer by trade so I'm learning as I go. I’m trying to design for all shapes and sizes but make each woman feel supported. My fabric is unique – if you can imagine Spanx but in leggings – the fabric is spandex and nylon but extremely comfortable and washes well, very important when designing gym leggings.

Time: Not enough hours in a day; multitasking to another level, running a business while being a stay-at-home mum can be quite challenging, to say the least! 

Cashflow: Currently I'm self-funded but I will need more investment to be able to grow at the rate I’m growing. New stock costs money and I have so many designs now I want to create and grow my brand in other markets across Europe and the US.

3. What three things could you never have anticipated starting your own business (good or not so good)? 

Freedom: to rear my son without the guilt of being away from home all day. I work my own hours, now, that's not to say I don't work hard, sometimes I feel I work two full-time jobs, but I like the freedom of working my own schedule. 

Support: there is a ton of support for startups and women entrepreneurs. These are some supports I have accessed on my journey into the business world, mentoring and the likes of: DCU Ryan Academy female high flyers programme, UCD Innovation Academy and Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme. 

Fun: I have had so much fun creating and growing my business. I think if its not fun you shouldn't be doing it. Don't be afraid to do what you love. 

4. What motivates you?

Strong women. I’m super proud to be a strong woman and I have a real passion to support women in their dreams and aspirations. All my life, I was told I was bossy and grew up thinking this was a bad thing. Now when I come across girls who may be bossy I make sure to encourage and compliment them as future leaders or entrepreneurs. I hate seeing girls who may have leadership skills being put down for it. If we all were to encourage each other to do what we love then we might see a more balanced society, where women sit on boards and run major operations, more women in government etc…

"I love seeing other women do well, and reach their goals and dreams, it has motivated me all my life."

Also, I’m super competitive so if I see someone doing something cool I'll always give it a go, especially if I have a passion to succeed in something. Success motivates me.

5. What' the best thing about running your own business?

Freedom – financially, creatively and personally.

I have always wanted to earn my own money and be financially independent. 

The freedom of running my own work life schedule, allowing me to enjoy the little everyday things that are important to me.  I am very lucky to be able to drop everything and just enjoy a moment with my son as he shows me his latest Spiderman moves or another spins off another rendition of Buzz Lightyear's "to infinity and beyond." 

6. What advice would you give any woman starting out on the same journey?

Do it! Please, Don’t be afraid, there is so much support out there for women entrepreneurs. 

Try not to overthink.  Nothing has to be perfect.

Just start with the smallest of things, validate your problem and your solutions by speaking with as many people as you can and before you know it, you’ll have the confidence to get going and later on you will look back and think why you hadn’t started years ago.

There is nothing more satisfying as a thank you email from a happy customer or waking up to sales in your bank account that you earned and generated all by yourself, it’s awesome. 

For more information, visit peachylean.com or find them on Instagram or Facebook


So, how are these new year's resolutions going? 

Yeah, we haven't been great either… But it's not because you have missed a few weeks of zumba that you should give up. Going to the gym once a week is better than nothing, and even once a month is better than not going at all. 

To make you want to use this gym membership a bit more often, we have found some cool sportsgear you will love wearing (even if it's just to get milk in the shop…)

1. A trendy yoga mat 

Terrazo Print Pink Yoga Mat €36 // Oliver Bonas

2. A gym bag we'd like to live in

4505 Puffer Shopper €30.42 // ASOS

3. A pair of joggers for the warrior in you

Khaki Camo Print Side Stripe Joggers €19.99 // New Look

4. Some colourful sneakers

Ultraboost X sneakers €220 // Adidas by Stella McCartney

5. Leggings fit to travel in space

Printed sports trousers €19.99 // Bershka 

6. A windbreaker that doubles up as a safety jacket

Windbreaker metallic shell bomber jacket €342 // Heroine Sport

7. A bodysuit that will make you feel like Queen Bey

Metallic Logo Bodysuit €38.00 // Ivy Park

8. A water bottle that reminds you of your favourite cocktail

Green 'Gym & Tonic' fruit print water bottle €15.00 // At home with Ashley Thomas

9. Beautiful sneakers you could use to run

EQT Racing shoes €119.95 // Adidas

10. A muscle reliever 

Perfect body muscle therapy €23.00 // this works

11. A sweat shirt so cool you can wear it to brunch

Ocean Drive Burnout Stripe Sweat Top In Green €31.80 // ASOS

12. A pair of leggings for when you have to go straight from the gym to the club

Sparkle Pro Cool cropped Dri-FIT stretch-lamé leggings €63 // NIKE



We're all still feeling the chocolate hangover from Easter, so amplifying our workout routines is definitely on our radar.

Luckily, Penneys is providing us with a whole new range of work out gear to make getting to the gym that little bit easier. 

Ranging from palm print sports bras to slogan leggings, these Penneys pieces are on our must-have lists.

Whether you want to start a new workout class or you just need new lounge wear for those Netflix marathons (our preferred method of exercise) then these gym bits are for you. 

Sports bra  €6.00, Leggings €13.00

 Leggings €7.00, T-shirt €4.50

Crop top  €10.00 Leggings €13.00

Sports bra €4.00, Loose-fit shorts €5.00


January sees full-to-capacity gyms, a supermarket clear-out of anything green and "superfood-y", and a surge in the hashtag  #IrishFitFam.

If, like us, you over indulged over Christmas and ate all of the cheese and chocolate in sight (even the pieces in your peripheral vision) you might be feeling like a good month at the gym will sort you out. 

Image result for sweatpants are all that fits me right now

Or maybe your new year's resolution is just to eat a little better and move a little more. 

Either way, stocking a whole new fitness wardrobe with fancy leggings and trendy mesh hoodies isn't always that easy on a January blues budget. 

Black crop top €6, blue sports bra €4

Thankfully, budget high street store Penneys is swooping in to save the day, with a whole new collection of affordable and trendy athletic wear. 

Getting some new workout wear can be motivation in itself to get down to the gym, and really, who needs another excuse to hit Penneys?

Speckled leggings €13, bush pink and mesh leggings €13

Leggings are a necessity for any gym wardrobe, but this speckled, high waisted pair could definitely double up as day wear when teamed with a chunky grey turtle neck and black duster coat.

And who doesn't want to wear comfy leggings all day long?


Mesh ballet hoodie €12, embroidered hoodie €12

Penneys is embracing the popularity of the barre class, with silk ballet wrap tops and hints of blush pink throughout its new athletic line, this mesh hoodie included.

Embroidery was also one of this season's biggest trends, so rocking some on your hoodie lapels is a no-brainer. 

Blue runners €13, blush pink runners, €9

Runners are a necessity to take care of your foot and ankle comfort when walking the dogs or sweating it out in spin class.

At Penneys prices, you could literally pick up a pair to match every work-out outfit. 

Water bottle €3, headphones €12

Accessorising your workout gear with a reusable bottle will save you from spending extra money on disposable bottles, and if one of your new year's resolutions is to become more eco-friendly, you'll be fulfilling that one too.

Headphones are a necessity to block out the world and focus on your favourite workout playlist, and this rose-gold pair is perfect for remaining on trend and on form. 

The only downfall to Penneys new collection? Now we have no excuse not to hit the gym. 


Over the last few years there has been an increasing shift towards more alternative style weddings, and for one CrossFit obsessed couple in the US that trend resulted in a big day with a difference.

Brooklyn-based newlyweds Oliver Drewes and Christina Moore exchanged vows over the weekend in a Californian tennis stadium as they attended the 2016 CrossFit Games.

The couple – who met on a blind date in a New York gym – had considered eloping for the occasion but instead opted for a fitness themed big day when they won an all expenses paid wedding in a Reebok-run social media competition.

The 30-year-old bride told People: "We had such an amazing time at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games that we knew a wedding at the 2016 Games would be nothing short of epic."

"We wanted to elope anyway, so why not in Carson in a stadium full of people who share our values?"

The bride – who wore a white sports bra, tennis skirt, runners and small veil-like headpiece – told InStyle: "I didn't even notice a crowd. My dad talked to me the whole time we were walking [down the aisle], then I just focused on Oliver."

"The crowd was supportive and we were lucky to have friends and family on the stadium floor with us, so we felt loved."

The newlywed admitted she would not have felt comfortable wearing a traditional wedding dress on her big day and so wearing workout gear "only made sense".

According to the Mail Online, the happy couple managed to work CrossFit references into their vows and just in case the occasion conflicted with someone’s cheat day (hate that) the wedding cake was completely paleo.

In fitness and in health…

Feat image: Getty

Centre images: Preston Smith Photography


With every new year, we all promise ourselves to shape up and get fit.

Sometimes that promise may go astray, but we SWEAR that we'll stick to it this year, right?

And if there was anyone to give us some fitness inspo for the year ahead, it'd have to be model Lynn Kelly for Life Style Sports.

So, to get you sorted for 2016, here's some fab gym gear that'll make you look good no matter what yoga pose you (try) to do:

The stylish sports bra

Millie & Gym, Life Style Sports, €20



The leggings you'll WANT to go running in

adidas Originals Women's Baroque Printed Leggings, Life Style Sports, €33


The sports gear you can rock after your workout too

adidas Women's Stella Sport Tight, Life Style Sports, €48



The Instagram-worthy runners

Nike Women's Pegasus 32, Life Style Sports, €110



The tank to flatter any shape

Millie & Gym, Life Style Sports, €20


Not caring what you look like when you work out is a thing of the past. Gone are the days you exercised in black leggings and an old, worn-out baggy top.

Celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Adriana Lima and Gigi Hadid are spicing up the fitness world – along with their wardrobes while they're at it. 

In short: with fitness now becoming more important and popular than ever, we need to look better than Bridget Jones while doing so. 

That's why one woman in Ireland came up with a new business, to get us Irish gym bunnies looking slick and stylish as we hit the treadmill.

Co. Louth fitness guru, Laura Armada-Buch, is launching a new range of gym-gear called Fit Is An Attitude this week. 

Born in Spain, she has been based in Ireland for years having studied here back in the Nineties – eventually marrying an Irish guy. So while she's practically a Louth-native at this stage, we love though that she's bringing Mediterranean warmth to her pieces.

Laura says she wanted to ensure that woman can FINALLY look good in gym gear – which for her means no nasty bulges and lumps and bumps.

In fact, the entrepreneur first came up with the idea for her collection a number of years ago as she constantly heard women in the gym complaining about ill-fitting, uncomfortable and heavy leggings.

Fast forward to 2015, and these items definitely flatten and shape your legs and bum while also being thick enough to hide the outline of underwear. They are also breathable, however, which means they're seriously comfortable. Phew! Meanwhile, the jazzy patterns will definitely spice up your gym game.  

According to Laura: “Fit Is An Attitude is filling a niche. We’re providing premium quality leggings which are comfortable, non-see through and breathable. 

"They also stay up as you squat, which is a huge bonus. As well as looking great, they make you look good as they flatten the tummy and skim the love-handle areas." 

The launch of the new brand is set to take place on August 21 in Laura's gym, Labfitness, in Drogheda.

It will be hosted by TV3’s Deric Hartigan, who is also well-known for participating in triathlons all over the country.