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If one of your New Year resolutions for 2019 is to start drinking 2 litres of water per day, you're definitely not going to be alone. 

A survey has revealed that only 18% of Irish people drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day.

The survey, carried out by Aldi in conjunction with their healthy food range, also showed that 36% of people only drink 1 litre or less on a daily basis.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends a daily water intake of 1. 6 litres for women or 2.0 litres for men, who reside in a moderate climate and partake in normal physical activity – so Ireland if you walk around a lunchtime basically. 

Water is hugely important for the human body – and drinking lots of it has additional benefits such as helping to clear skin and kidney function. 

Carbonated drinks have long been a controversial option instead of water, but surprisingly, only 5% of people admitted to drinking a carbonated drink more than once per day, with 36% of people stating that they never drink carbonated or fizzy drinks.

12% admitted to having a least one per day, and the majority (47%) consume one or two per week.

If your resolution is to drink more water, here are some hints to get you started: 

1. Start the day off right
Keep a glass of water by your bedside locker or pour yourself one first thing before you begin your morning routine. It's an easy way to get more water in and it'll help wake you up too. Add a slice of lemon to help your body detox naturally and to aid digestion later in the day.

2. Keep it filled
Keeping a large bottle of water on your desk and refilling it every time it drops below a certain level is a surefire way to ensure you sip throughout the day. If you keep forgetting to bring a bottle or to keep one to hand, invest in a reusable bottle. Once you've shelled out a few quid, you'll be far less likely to lose or forget about it.

3. Make it tasty
A slice of lemon, a handful of mint leaves, some cucumber or even some ice cubes to cool it down are a great way to make your water fresher and easier to drink. If you want to get super fancy, freeze some strawberry, blueberry or raspberry pieces in water in an ice cube tray and add them to your glass. DELISH.

4. Get hydrated with your food
Certain foods have a higher water content than others and are a simple way to ensure your body is always getting the hydration it needs. Watermelon, celery, tomatoes, oranges and courgettes are good places to start.

5. Be wise with your other drink choices
High-caffeine options like coffee, tea and fizzy drinks are natural diuretics, meaning that in the long run your body will lose more water than it takes in. Swap that morning coffee for a glass of water, or sip some water before and after.



Are your resolutions this year to keep fit and healthy and support local Irish brands and shops? Then we’ve got you covered! A new Irish athleisure brand just launched their new collection right on time to help you meet all your New Year goals!

Powercut, the latest Irish athleisure brand, has launched a new collection that has further expanded their product lines of performance wear, loungewear and outerwear.

This home-grown brand is Ireland’s fastest growing functional athleisure brand and has taken the market by storm since launching just 12 months ago. With athleisure clothing designed to make every woman feel powerful, confident and trendy, the Irish brand’s new collection has the versatility to suit any occasion. Whether you are going for a run, out for a hike, or relaxing at home, there’s something for everyone in the new Powercut range.

Their collections are premium, design centric and functional at a reasonable price. Check out some of their latest gear below!

ADÄPT Premium Seamless Co-ords

This set is Powercut’s most premium co-ords to date. In colours black and navy, the co-ords’ high rise, seamless leggings have high elastane content (25%) with a smooth, soft finish. The matching long line sports bra comes with removable padding to adjust to the wearer. Ideal for running, gym and all-day wear. Also includes a non-slip inner strip of elastane for added security in leggings and bra. Finished with reflective logos and a competitive price, this set is high on our shopping wishlist this January!

Price: Leggings €47 / Sports Bra €29

Sizes: 6 –16

TECH_X Functional Performance and Outerwear

Powercut’s Tech_X Outdoor collection includes 2 brushed fleece half zip hoodies in colours white and black. Both come with the SecureTrain Velcro and zipped training pocket, allowing wearer’s to carry their phone, keys or wallet with them while on the move. Additionally, the Tech_X training crop top comes with thumbholes, and the leggings are super high waisted. Hnady and comfy for this this cold season!

Price: Leggings €39 / Top €32 / Hoodies €59

Sizes: Train: 6–16 / Hoodies: 6-18

RIIB Training and Casual Wear Tops

Ideal for training or for casual wear, the RIIB long sleeved top collection is soft, stretchy and with a ribbed material finish. These pieces were designed with the day-to-day in mind, while also suiting the athleisure fanatic that is seeking more coverage. Simple, stylish and affordable. RIIB comes in three colours; charcoal, light grey and pink.

Price: €32

Sizes: 6–16

SÄNA For Freedom of Movement

Powercut’s SÄNA collection was engineered with the freedom of movement in mind. For any yoga or pilates lovers, this is the collection for you. With a reinforced waistband in the leggings, the wearer will feel secure while being free to move. With an adjustable high support sports bra to match, total security and comfort is guaranteed. The collection comes in three colours; Heather Grey, Scarlet & Polka.

Price: Leggings €47 / Sports Bra €32

Sizes: 6–18

SÖLID New Colour Capsule

Powercut’s original and most loved collection, is now available in three new colours; Seagreen, Lilac and Red. With a secure squat proof compression fit, the legging’s subtle contouring defines the wearer’s body shape. The matching bra provides medium support and comes with removable padding. Finished with reflective logos, there are now 10 colour variations of SOLID in the Powercut collection to cater for all tastes.

Price: Leggings €39 / Sports Bra €24

Sizes: 6–16

Are any of these sets calling out your name? Catch us wrapped up in their cozy hoodies while we do our 5k limit runs this January! Check out their website here!


Love Island alum Laura Anderson has had enough of looking for love.

Despite finding her fame on a show about falling in love, the eternal romantic is pledging to stay single for as long as possible in 2019. 

Sharing her top nine moments of 2018 over on Instagram, the blonde beauty shared: 


A post shared by Laura Anderson  (@lauraanderson1x) on

'So many highs and a few more lows but all is as fabulous as can be,' she wrote.  

'I’d really like to thank everyone that’s supported and believed in me this year and prior.'

'Not everyone comes into your life and stays. It’s ok because I’ve learnt a lot along the way. My New Years resolution is to work my ass off and stay as single as possible.'


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The reality TV star recently broke if off with Max Morley, who she was dating for three months. 

The former cricket player also appeared on Love Island in 2015, and in 2017 was cast on MTV's Ex on the Beach. 


We all began 2017 with the best intentions in mind, but at this stage our chaste new rules are wavering. 

Today is the day that the world collectively looses it willpower and breaks up with its new years resolutions.

January 24 is the day we are most likely to throw it all away, so if your resolution is on the outs, just know that you're not alone. 

Whether it's working out, ditching the takeaways or quitting smoking, a combination of frustration and boredom can make today the toughest to get through.

Counselling Psychologist Aisling Curtin has dubbed today "turnback Tuesday."

"Research shows that about three and a half weeks in, that's when were at the most danger of breaking resolutions or breaking any new habit or pattern that we want to engage in that's overall healthier and better for our overall wellbeing," Aisling told Today.FM

So stick to your guns today, or that bikini body/organised house/dry January could all come crashing down.

Then again, you can always just start again for February. 


January sees full-to-capacity gyms, a supermarket clear-out of anything green and "superfood-y", and a surge in the hashtag  #IrishFitFam.

If, like us, you over indulged over Christmas and ate all of the cheese and chocolate in sight (even the pieces in your peripheral vision) you might be feeling like a good month at the gym will sort you out. 

Image result for sweatpants are all that fits me right now

Or maybe your new year's resolution is just to eat a little better and move a little more. 

Either way, stocking a whole new fitness wardrobe with fancy leggings and trendy mesh hoodies isn't always that easy on a January blues budget. 

Black crop top €6, blue sports bra €4

Thankfully, budget high street store Penneys is swooping in to save the day, with a whole new collection of affordable and trendy athletic wear. 

Getting some new workout wear can be motivation in itself to get down to the gym, and really, who needs another excuse to hit Penneys?

Speckled leggings €13, bush pink and mesh leggings €13

Leggings are a necessity for any gym wardrobe, but this speckled, high waisted pair could definitely double up as day wear when teamed with a chunky grey turtle neck and black duster coat.

And who doesn't want to wear comfy leggings all day long?


Mesh ballet hoodie €12, embroidered hoodie €12

Penneys is embracing the popularity of the barre class, with silk ballet wrap tops and hints of blush pink throughout its new athletic line, this mesh hoodie included.

Embroidery was also one of this season's biggest trends, so rocking some on your hoodie lapels is a no-brainer. 

Blue runners €13, blush pink runners, €9

Runners are a necessity to take care of your foot and ankle comfort when walking the dogs or sweating it out in spin class.

At Penneys prices, you could literally pick up a pair to match every work-out outfit. 

Water bottle €3, headphones €12

Accessorising your workout gear with a reusable bottle will save you from spending extra money on disposable bottles, and if one of your new year's resolutions is to become more eco-friendly, you'll be fulfilling that one too.

Headphones are a necessity to block out the world and focus on your favourite workout playlist, and this rose-gold pair is perfect for remaining on trend and on form. 

The only downfall to Penneys new collection? Now we have no excuse not to hit the gym.