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Frankie Cocozza has become a dad for the first time.

The former X Factor star has welcomed a gorgeous baby son with his wife Bianca. 

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to announce the happy news, posting a gorgeous snap of him and his baby boy. 


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He also revealed that he and his wife had chosen to stick with a traditional family name, by calling their baby Frankie. 

He captioned the stunning snap, ''You’re in for one hell of a ride son. You’ll be absolutely fine because you’re half your mother.''

He later took to Instagram Stories where he wrote, ''Frankie the fourth x.”


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His wife Bianca also posted a picture of the tot, captioning it, ''Because the world needed another Frankie Cocozza. I will be stuck in love land until further notice, our son 11/5/19. Pure happiness.''

Frankie's fans were delighted for him and took to the comments to post their congratulations.

One said, ''Love this Frankie boy! Huge congratulations to you and Bianca. What a wonderful life you’ve created. Lots of love man.''


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While another wrote, ''Huge Congratulations to you & Bianca! He’s just beautiful.''

The pair married in Brighton in May 2018 after a whirlwind romance and Bianca announced her pregnancy in October. 

She wrote, ''Mummy n Daddy 2 be!!!**** We’re not wasting any time! Popping out our 1st babeh May 2019. Save the D8 & swipe 2 c da bubbby. Thank u every1 for the love n support, we r SO excited!''

Huge congratulations to the couple on their adorable arrival and as life as a family of three. 


Harry Styles has an abundant of fans all around the world, each more dedicated than the next. Some send him gifts, some throw their underwear in his face at concerts, and some…get him tattooed on their face?

We're pretty sure that this girl is officially 'Harry's #1 Fan' by default after pulling this stunt. Kelsy Karter has made no secret of her love for the 24-year-old former One Direction singer.

The lad has been blazing a trail since the release of his massively popular debut album, and now Kelsy has decided it's time to show her (permanent) appreciation for Harry. We can only hope this is a hoax.

Kelsy got inked by Los-Angeles based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste, who's quite the big deal in the celebrity body art scene. She shared the bizarre result on her social media accounts, tweeting the caption;

"Mama, look what I made me do." My mother would excommunicate me from the family if I pulled anything like this, let alone called her out in the caption…

Needless to say, fans had some pretty dramatic reactions. Mainly because the tattoo literally looks NOTHING like Harry Styles, no offence Mr Lacoste, but this isn't your best work in terms of facial twinning.

Hilariously, Frankie Cocozza realised how like the inking his own face looked, as opposed to the solo singer. He tweeted a reply to Kelsy, writing: "I'd love to send you a signed photo thanking you for the support. Get in touch mate x" GAS.

Kelsy's face appears slightly swollen and red, with Romeo posting a photo of her on his Instagram story saying; "I can’t believe Kelsy Karter got Harry Styles tattooed on her face." We can't either.

She recently tweeted: "It’s 2019 and Harry Styles is still the best looking human." Safe to say she'd be over the moon if he noticed her stunt. but the frontman has yet to comment.


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Some fans are arguing that the tattoo is fake, but most of the comments are just the general public questioning her sanity. Which is semi-fair, to be honest. 

On 18 January she tweeted: "Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday…" 

Well, this is one way to get his attention, we hope? Stay tuned to see if the singer ever comments on the matter, or if Kelsy reveals the inauthenticity of the inking. Pray it's fake, just pray.



British singer Frankie Cocozza has some exciting news…

He is going to be a father!

The Telescreen star made the announcement on his Instagram this morning, saying he was “ecstatic”.

His baby girl or boy can be seen in four ultrasound photos he shared.


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The baby will be born to him and wife Bianca Murphy, his stunning and stylish bride.

The two were married six months ago in Brighton and have been inseparable ever since.

Frankie is most remembered for his appearance on The X Factor in 2011, where he quickly became a fan favourite.

Even though he withdrew in the early stages of the competition, his music has gained rapid popularity.


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He had been wanting to settle down for a while, appearing on Celebs Go Dating, but was unsuccessful.

That is until he found his gorgeous bride shortly after.

Bianca seems to be just as eccentric has her husband (who mooned the audience during his X Factor days), wearing a bold and beautiful gold dress on her wedding day.


Mr & Mrs

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The vintage-styled silk dress looked amazing on the blushing bride.

We wish the happy couple all the best and cannot wait to meet the newest addition to their family.

Congratulations, Frankie and Bianca!


We may all remember Frankie Cocozza as the guy who got his bum out on the X-Factor stage 2011.

Cocozza withdrew from the competition in the early stages, but not before he had established a mega fan base, and currently has over 170,000 followers on Instgaram. 

The singer also appeared on Celebrities Go Dating, looking for love, but apparently he found it not long after with the stunning Bianca Murphy.


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The pair went public with their relationship in October 2017, and got engaged in January. 

Bianca opted for a non-traditional, vintage inspired gold silk dress, finished off with a sheer white veil and a swathe of red lipstick. 

Cocozza looked dapper in a classic suit and red rose in his pocket


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She also opted for a pair of strappy white heels to finish the look. 

A huge congratulations to the pair,