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It looks like Liam Payne is well and truly sick of the fat jibes he’s been getting lately and has fired back in a pretty hilarious way!

Liam is referring to some media reports and comments on social media that he’s ‘let himself go’ and isn’t as fit and toned as he used to be.

But not to be outdone, the 1D star took to Instagram to share this snap with the caption, "I mean OH MY GOD I'm just so fat these days I think I need help! quick someone take the cookie jar."

He didn't stop there, pointing out that fat shaming is so not cool, by including his ‘normal’ Body Mass Index (BMI) and writing, "Now just because I'm sick of seeing this everyday so I just want to clear up what the media do to people these days. Is it wrong to be normal?

"Or do I have to look like an Olympic swimmer just to get your approval into the cool kids or can I accept that the person I truly love thinks I'm the coolest kid in town anyway? Think I'll vote the second one 😉 enjoy your day people."

Well played Liam! 




Rob Kardashian has hit back at trending ‘fat’ jibes aimed at his weight gain.

And his big sister Khloe is with him every step of the way!

Rob made a rare appearance at an LA airport on Sunday to fly out to Paris for sister Kim’s wedding – and his name has been trending on Twitter ever since.

But for all the wrong reasons!

Twitter trolls have posted countless nasty comments about the reality TV star’s appearance, with some saying he should be “ashamed” of the way he looks.

“so i found out i was trending for being fat… thank you all it really made my day :)” Rob tweeted.

He continued, “first, i don’t believe in rehab or therapy or anything of that sort and second I’m a grown man and will work on myself when i choose

“I’m aware that I’m fat that def aint a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym anyways had to say somethingggggggggg,” he wrote.

Never one to mince her words, protective sister Khloe took to Twitter to defend her little brother.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. Your words are cutting deeper than you know and are possible (sic) leaving lifetime scars!” she wrote.

“What shallow souls you are…Grow up!” she added.

The 27-year-old’s weight gain has skyrocketed to a reported 260 pounds, with momager Kris Jenner pleading with her son to get help after doctors told him he was at high risk of developing diabetes and eventual organ failure.

Let’s hope Rob finally gets the help he needs!



It’s no lie that the secret to a lean body is in the kitchen.

These foods are exceptionally good for those who are trying to lose weight and burn fat.

They will also promote clear skin, glossy hair and strong nails.

1. Super greens
Kale, broccoli and cabbage among many others, eat them all for healthy skin and hair.

2. Lemons and grapefruits
Lemons are renowned for their detoxing effects while grapefruits are known to burn fat.

3. Spices
Cinnamon, cayenne and chilli are all great to add to your diet if you are trying to lose weight. Not only do they aid the process but they make great substitutes for sugar and salt to flavour a dish.

4. Green tea
For centuries, the amazing health benefits of green tea have been celebrated. Adding one cup to your day will boost your weight-loss and have amazing antioxidant effects.

5. Oats
A bowl of porridge for breakfast will fill you right up till lunchtime. Oats are also a fantastic source of fibre.


Thanks to a new medical discovery, dieters could soon enjoy their cake in a guilt-free way.

UK scientist found that adding seaweed extract to cakes and foods prevents fat from being broken down and absorbed by the body.

This means, eating foods that have seaweed extracts could help you shed a few pounds.

Researcher Dr Matthew Wilcox said: “Normally, between 95 and 100 per cent of all the food eaten is broken down and absorbed. If you don’t absorb as much fat, then hopefully you can lose weight.”

Tests showed that seaweed extracts stopped nearly three-quarters of the fat in food from being digested into small enough pieces to be absorbed – that’s pretty impressive!

Although seaweed cake doesn’t sound very appealing, the majority of volunteers who ate bread with alginate – a powder made from seaweed – found that it tasted much nicer than normal bread.

If ‘alginate bread’ tastes much nicer than normal bread, can you imagine what alginate cake tastes like? Yum!


Whether you’re trying to gain a few kilos or shed a few pounds, your calorie-intake has a lot to do with helping you achieve your goals.

Here are some health foods with surprising amounts of calories:

Just because they are tiny, it doesn’t mean they’re harmless. A sushi roll can have up to 500 calories – not very good for your waistline.

Dried fruit
With over 100 calories per 160g serving, your calorie-intake can go up rather quickly when you have dried fruit. If you’re trying to have less calories then opt for fresh or frozen fruit. You can eat in larger amounts at fewer calories.

Low-fat peanut butter
When manufacturers reduce the fat in peanut butter, they replace it with sugars. This means your ‘low-fat’ peanut butter had the same amount of calories as the original. You might as well stick to the regular stuff because you won’t eat as much since the original is much more filling.