Want to enjoy cake in a guilt-free way?

Thanks to a new medical discovery, dieters could soon enjoy their cake in a guilt-free way.

UK scientist found that adding seaweed extract to cakes and foods prevents fat from being broken down and absorbed by the body.

This means, eating foods that have seaweed extracts could help you shed a few pounds.

Researcher Dr Matthew Wilcox said: “Normally, between 95 and 100 per cent of all the food eaten is broken down and absorbed. If you don’t absorb as much fat, then hopefully you can lose weight.”

Tests showed that seaweed extracts stopped nearly three-quarters of the fat in food from being digested into small enough pieces to be absorbed – that’s pretty impressive!

Although seaweed cake doesn’t sound very appealing, the majority of volunteers who ate bread with alginate – a powder made from seaweed – found that it tasted much nicer than normal bread.

If ‘alginate bread’ tastes much nicer than normal bread, can you imagine what alginate cake tastes like? Yum!