Go hard or go home: Phillip and Holly show up to work WRECKED

They're a little bit famous for going all-out at the award shows, and this year was certainly no different.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby celebrated their NTA win last night in style, and after the awards show, continued the party with Ant and Dec. 

But they rocked up to work this morning wearing the same fancy dress as the night before – except now their outfits were stained and yellow.

"Should we be honest?" Holly asked Phillip, and then continued to say, "I haven't been home yet. We came straight here."

They even placed Pie-Face with Ant, who put mustard in the game, instead of cream. Ouch.

Now, we don't know if they're still buzzing from the booze or if they're really hungover, but their antics from last night sure did look fun.