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Aidan Turner has leapt into fame since starring in Poldark, but that doesn't mean he can hold his drink.

The producer of the show, Karen Thrussell, revealed to Radio Times that she held a party for the cast and crew to watch the final episode of the first series last year.

And while they watched the show, they decided to play a splendid drinking game.

The rules of the game were very simple. Aidan had to take a drink whenever he was seen riding a horse and any time he shared a saddle, too.

Now, if you're a fan of Poldark, you'll know that he rides a horse A LOT in the last episode – so it's fair to say he got absolutely hammered.

We bet he's hoping for less horse riding next season. 


What’s a drinking game without some funny rules? Here are a few you can add to your pub crawl:

  1. Take at least one shot in each pub.
  2. Flirt with a few strangers in each pub and leave with one of their numbers.
  3. Speak in a completely different accent in each pub.
  4. Swap one shoe with another person.
  5. Approach a stranger and feed them your drink.
  6. Wear your socks on your hands.
  7. Only one toilet break allowed per pub.
  8. Pretend not to speak English.
  9. Get down on all fours and crawl to the last pub (feel free to wear knee guards).