Charlie Sheen escorted from bar in a HEADLOCK over the weekend

Charlie Sheen was out drinking over the weekend (no surprise there) at Hennessy's Tavern in California – but things got a little out of hand for the Anger Management star. 

According to TMZ, Mr Sheen was enjoying the atmosphere of the quiet Californian bar because he stayed for a few drinks… and then he stayed for a couple more. 

The 50-year-old actor then had several shots at the tavern and reportedly ended up getting pretty hammered. 

Onlookers say that even though Charlie was drunk, he was still having fun with the other customers and took several photos with his fans. 

It wasn't until one woman tried to take a video of the Two and a Half Men actor that there was a problem. He reportedly slammed the phone out of her hand and damaged it on the ground. Oh no, Charlie!

At this point, the bouncer of the bar stepped in and escorted Charlie out of the venue. 

But Charlie being Charlie, was having none of it, so the bouncer went WWE style and brought Charlie out of the bar in a headlock. 

Surprisingly, once outside Charlie wasn't much of a problem and wanted to meet the guy that escorted him out in the wrestling pose.

After doing so, Charlie shook hands with the bouncer, said goodnight and was driven home by his driver.