The only thing worse than waking up with a hangover? Waking up with a hangover AND the nagging feeling you did something pretty stupid last night.

We're guessing student Lizzie Ruddy had The Fear in a big way this week, when her drunken apology went viral on Twitter.

After an argument with her boyfriend Sam Demelo, Lizzie did what any very drunk person would do and sent him a personalised greeting card with photos of her and a heartfelt (ish) apology.

Is there any opening line more beautiful than "hiya imdrunkbut im so sorry sam"?

Inside the card, Lizzie continued with more stunning prose, this time hitting Sam right in the feels with the mention of fajitas:

And of course, to finish, she added a selfie to the back of the card with the caption, "Me ^^^^ look how nice i look haha x."

Sam couldn't resist sharing the card on Twitter, where it has since had 12,000 retweets and 17,000 favourites.

We hope he accepted her apology, at least.