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It's Friday ladies, and we cannot wait to cheer to the weekend with our friends with a nice G&T or a tasty glass of Prosecco.

But this week, we will make it extra special thanks to the help of one of Ireland’s best-loved chefs, Kevin Dundon. 

When we talked to the SuperValu ambassador this week and asked him about a nice summer drink, let's say that Kevin delivered.

"Get some strawberries, or use the ones you have that are getting bruised, take the stems off, place into a blender with a sprig of fresh tarragon, a little bit of honey, and pulse until you get a lovely puree. You can use it with gin, place a little bit of that puree at the bottom of your glass, add ice, some gin, tonic, and garnish with a strawberry. You can use that same puree with Prosecco, it’s gorgeous!"

For those who don't want alcohol, the chef recommends to add some vanilla ice cream and a little bit of milk to the puree to get a lovely strawberry shake.

And now we are drooling. 


The heatwave is in full blast and we can't repeat it enough: hydration is key!

As a nice refreshment or as a festive drink if you want to stay away from alcohol, these fruity mocktails can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


1. Sparkling pomegranate margarita mocktail

2. Blackberry ginger mocktail

3. Mango ginger mocktail

4. Blueberry margarita mocktail

5. Blood orange turmeric mocktail

6. Cucumber-lemonade mocktail

7. Rosemary grapefruit mocktail

8. Watermelon mojito kombucha mocktail



When it comes to gin and tonic, we can't get enough of the damn stuff.

And the more variations of it that are produced, the better.

So, when we heard Fortnum & Mason had launched gin and tonic tea bags, we thoughts all our mid-morning breaks had come at once.

But before you begin thinking your tea break will leave you with a raging hangover, let us fill you in.

The predominant ingredient in Tea for Tonic is green tea, but the luxury retailer has piqued the senses of G&T aficionados by also including a mixture of juniper berries, coriander, fennel, lemon balm and dried cucumber and lime

If you want to 'enjoy a G&T without the consequences' as the retailer perfectly puts it, you can order your box of 15 teabags right here.

And ladies if they're sold out by the time you get around to ordering them, you'll know who to blame.

(That'd be us.)


It is no secret that we love a good G&T here at SHEmazing HQ, and our penchant for unicorns probably hasn't gone unnoticed either. 

So imagine our delight when we discovered that there is a unicorn gin out there in the world. 

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur combines two of our favourite things, and we need it in our lives.

Pic: Firebox

The pretty pastel bottle has an added extra we can't get enough of – iridescent sparkles distilled in with the gin.

So as well as just having adorable packaging, the gin itself has hints of unicorn magic to it. 

Described as a sweeter gin, it has notes of juniper (duh), candied orange and herbs.


A post shared by Firebox.com (@firebox) on

'Citrusy on the nose, the palate is luscious and flavoursome with an indulgent sweetness and flavours of candied orange, herbs and spice,' reads the notes description. 

You can purchase the mythical substance from Firebox (though they don't ship to Ireland, so you may need to Parcel Motel it over) or from Harvey Nichols.

We'll be taking ten bottles, thanks.



Eddie Rocket's are now serving  brunch – and we could not be happier about it.

The fast food diner have just unveiled their new menu, with a host of delicious brunch options sure to make any millenials mouth water.

From pancake stacks to avocado toast, there really is something for everyone and with the most expensive dish coming in at €9.50, these tasty treats won't break the bank either.

The new options available include:

  • The Big Breakfast – €9.50

  • Belgian Chocolate & Almond Short Stack – €6.95

  • Bacon & Maple Short Stack – €6.95

  • Sourdough Avocado Toast With Bacon & Egg – €7.95

What's more, the restaurant have added a bacon and avocado chicken or beef burger as well as four new salads in a bid to entice health conscious diners.

They'll also be serving 'veggie frites', or carrot sticks, green beans and courgettes sticks lightly seasoned with garlic and chilli, if you will.

The brunch menu will be served until 4.00pm daily, but many of the other new additions are available all day. 

You can check out the full new Eddie Rocket's menu on their website now.


We won't lie, we are slightly jealous of Niamh O'Sullivan's life.

The 24 year-old Kildare-native moved to New York in October 2015 and since then, she has been giving a snapshot into her life in the Big Apple as well as sharing healthy recipes, fitness and motivation tips on her blog Cinnamon Soul.

While her Instagram feed frequently features icecreams and pancakes, Niamh tells SHEmazing all about her favourite foods and how living in New York is both heaven and hell for healthy eaters. 

What is your typical weekday breakfast?

I tend to rotate between a fruit smoothie, protein pancakes, and fried eggs on toast.

It depends on whether or not I've been to the gym that morning, and how much time I have to whip something up. 

What about lunch?

I'm living in New York at the moment and one of the best things about it is all of the food options at your disposal. With that said, the cost of groceries is extremely high, especially in Manhattan.

I find myself picking something up last minute every day like a salad or wrap from Pret a Manger. As long as it's fresh, I'm not too fussy.


When you build yourself up for an avocado toast lunch and then they tell you THERE'S NO BREAD LEFT  #dayweekandmonthruined

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What do you usually have for dinner?

I'm a serious creature of habit so my dinner is usually fresh prawns with soybean spaghetti, fried in garlic, chilli & olive oil. So simple and SO tasty! 

Is it different at the weekend?

The weekends are always my biggest downfall when I'm trying to stay healthy, but I am definitely not complaining!

Not only are there literally thousands of restaurants to choose from in New York, but there's always a new part of the city to explore too so it's always fun to try new places.

Naturally though, my weekends plans revolve solely on where and what I'm eating! 


Best brunch in Brooklyn 

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Do you snack during the day? 

My go-to snack at about 3pm every single day is a tub of 0% Fage yoghurt with frozen berries, almond butter and a few drops of MyProtein flavour drops to sweeten it up. 

What would be your ideal food day?

Breakfast would be a massive bowl of granola, boring – I know, but my Mum makes the most delicious kind and I miss it so much since I moved away from home. 

I love tapas and the way that you can be so social when you eat it, so I would probably opt for that for lunch. 

Dinner would have to be a classic roast chicken with every single trimming possible. 

Dessert would be a warm chocolate brownie or fondant with some pistachio or vanilla ice-cream. Or, my Mum's chocolate roulade – my mouth waters when I think about it! 


All of the good fats 

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The one food you could have everyday for the rest of your life?

Chips, with mayonnaise and salt. I'm absolutely obsessed! 

What is your favourite dessert? 

Anything Nutella-based. Or a good scoop of ice-cream. Pistachio is my favourite flavour so when I find a good one, I really can't help myself. 



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What is your favourite meal of the day?

Probably dinner because I usually don't have to be anywhere after I eat it, so I can eat as much as possible and then vegetate on the couch until I can move again, haha! 

Your favourite restaurant in Dublin/Ireland/the world? 

My favourite restaurant in Dublin is probably the Rustic Stone: you can't beat a good steak! 

In Ireland, I think my favourite restaurant would have to be the K Thai in the K Club in Kildare.

I waitressed in the K Club all through college and for my last few months of working there, I worked full time in the K Thai I've tried every single thing on the menu and can safely say that there's not one thing that isn't delicious! I always go back every time I'm home and still catch up with the chefs who are so sound, couldn't recommend it highly enough. 

At the moment I'm obsessed with a small Italian restaurant in Alphabet City in New York called Supper NYC. Cacio è Pepe is one of my favourite meals ever and this place has a delicious version (it's basically just spaghetti with cheese and pepper but it's divine).

My favourite restaurant always depends on my mood though so it changes regularly! 

The best brunch place in Dublin?

I actually have only tried one place since I've been living abroad for the past 18 months and lived in Galway prior to that. BUT, I went for bottomless brunch in Cleaver East while I was at home in March and it was delicious!

Any “food pet peeves”?

When restaurants don't take the tails off prawns. I hate working for my food – LOL!

I also hate when the restaurant doesn't tell you that what you're ordering definitely needs a side of veg or chips. Nothing worse than when you're finished your meal and have to ask to see the menu again because you're still starving. 

What food would you not eat for the whole world? 

Celery. I despise it more than anything and I can taste/smell/sense it a mile away. It physically makes me gag! 


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What can we always find in your fridge?

About 10-12 cans of cold brew coffee from my local supermarket, Fage yoghurt, almond milk, and berries.

The rest is usually bought the day I want to cook/eat. I hate planning meals in advance because I'm so indecisive with food. 

You have friends over for dinner, what do you cook for them?

For starter, the last time I had the girls over I made a delicious bruschetta (if I do say so myself).

For mains we had prawns fried in garlic, chilli and olive oil served over spaghetti – my favourite!

Dessert is usually a trip to the Fro-yo place across the street. 


Making me miss the weekend more… 

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Do you find it hard to eat a healthy diet in a daily basis? 

Yes and no. In New York, there are so many healthy food options to choose from. But with that, there is also a massive amount of unhealthy options to test you.

If I'm on a roll with my healthy eating then I usually find it easy enough but the smell of pizza is always lingering! 

What is your guilty pleasure?

Mayonnaise. I add it to the majority of my meals, I can't help myself. 


Le weekend 

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What is you go-to drink/cocktail in a bar/pub?

Vodka, soda with fresh lime and/or mint. Or a Pinot Grigio. 

Your favourite place for a drink in Dublin? 

I love P. Mac's, it's such a cool bar. I love the key lime pie cocktail in The Exchequer too. It's a great alternative to dessert after dinner! 



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We're both bemused and bewildered by this bar that offers women discounts based on their heel height.

Because… seriously?

We're all partial to Ladies' Night, which is hosted in many pubs, bars and clubs around the world, but Hilton Osaka’s My Place bar in Tokyo has really taken the creepy, sexist biscuit.

Image result for woman i give up gif

The named 'High Heels Ladies' Night Discount' is, believe it or not, a weekly event which offers women discounts based on the height of their.. you guessed it, heels.

Shoes have to be at least five centimetres in height to qualify for 10 per cent off your drink order.

According to Sora News 24, with every additional two centimetres, you get a further discount.

beauty, blob, high heels

And if you have a heel height of 15 centimetres (do you want to break your back?), you will get a "top discount" of up to 40 per cent.

We're so over this kind of sh*t…


Gin lovers, listen up, because one very delightful-sounding gin has just been crowned the Best Gin in the UK.

Brighton Gin, handmade in (you guessed it) Brighton, has been given the esteemed accolade, and now we're gasping to get our hands on a bottle. 

The gin received the grand title at The People's Drinks Awards, where the public blind tasted numerous gins and chose the most delicious.

'Brighton is such a creative, pioneering, free-thinking place, with a long-standing heritage of invention and pleasure seeking and a cast of notorious, mould-breaking characters throughout its history,' founder of Brighton Gin, Kathy Caton told Cosmo.

'With Brighton Gin, we wanted to create the absolute top quality spirit this city deserves and we’re ecstatic that people across the UK have voted us as the country’s best gin.'


A post shared by The Gin Baker (@theginbaker) on

Brighton Gin is made with 100% British organic wheat spirit, which we re-distill with juniper, fresh orange and lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed and milk thistle. Yum.

The gin is hand crafted in Brighton (duh) but there are more than a few online stockists who can deliver the smooth beverage straight to your door if you don't happen to be visiting the UK anytime soon.

Harvey Nichols, The Gin Box Shop, Vineyards Direct, Gin Festival, the Gin Kiosk, Craft Gins and Gin Parlour all stock the strong stuff, and you can even get it on Amazon.

We'll be waiting for our package in the mail like…

Image result for waiting

Feature image: Instagram 


Sayonara Unicorn Frappé, there's a new drink in town and it might just be the most Instagrammable yet.

Last week, Disney World's Animal Kingdom opened an entire section dedicated to the 2009 movie Avatar.

Sure, the rides and attractions are great, but it's a certain iced drink that has really grasped the imagination of the public.

Say hello to The Night Blossom, a layered iced drink made with apple and pear flavoured limeade and topped with a generous helping of passion fruit boba balls.

The colourful drink reportedly tastes like sour Skittles and is made in the Pongu Pongu Lounge, in the parks new Avatar themed section.

Instagram has been flooded with snaps of the beautiful drink and every post makes us more envious than the last.

Just look at it.


bye bye frozen violet lemonade, say kaltxì to the night blossom.

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You can also opt for a souvenir glass, complete with a glowing "unadelta" seed.


The #NightBlossom from #PonguPongu in #pandoraworldofavatar I'm in love with this drink

A post shared by @thedisneyplaceinsta on

Oh and did we mention there's an alcoholic version?

The Mo'ara Margarita, made with strawberry and blood orange looks simply divine.


Drinks #nightblossom #moaramargarita #pandora #theworldofavatar #animalkingdom #vibes #livinglife #gopro #shotbyckp

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The drinks are exclusively available at Disney World's Animal Kingdom theme park, and honestly, we're thinking a trip to Florida might be on the cards.


So, gin is definitely having a moment, with a number of gin festivals peppered throughout the summer events calendar. 

For those of us who are in the mood to try a brand new beverage, it could be time to opt for a delicious, warming rum.


Rumbullion is the latest alcohol festival to hit Dublin, and the annual event is taking place this weekend from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 of April.

The fest is being organised by Brewtonic and will take place at Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street. 

And what's one of the best parts about this event?

Well, a free drink, obviously. 

If you click attending on the event's Facebook page to sign up to the event, the guys and gals over at Wigwam will sort you out with a free Cuba Libre on the night.

As well as the free beverage, there will be live music, a series of DJs, rum-related games, foodie adventures, and, of course, the chance to try loads of rums on the day. 

We'll see you there. 


We put out a call for the best Food Influencer of the last 12 months, and you guys couldn't wait to share your thoughts on the subject.

Whether a health food junkie or fast food fanatic, this person's page pops, their enthusiasm motivates and their love of food always, always, always engages.

And as a nation of food and drink lovers, it's no surprise we are fascinated by food influencers and the effort they put it into their passion.

So, without further ado, here are your five finalist for our Food Influencer of the Year award.

Yummy Dublin

Amanda Holtz, the face behind the uber-popular Yummy Dublin, is on a mission to connect some of Dublin's tastiest establishments with her legions of loyal followers.

She may say she's 'just a girl and her fork eating (and drinking) her way through Dublin', but Amanda's keen eye for detail and ability to tap into her followers' interest on the gastronomy scene has earned her a very well-deserved place on our shortlist.


Founded by Emilia Rowan, Cocu has become a firm favourite with foodies in Ireland.

Taking inspiration from far-flung lands while giving more than a passing nod to the important of local produce, the folk behind Cocu never fail to inspire, influence and invigorate.

French Foodie in Dublin

Ketty Elisabeth, the face of French Foodie in Dublin, started her blog in 2012 and has watched it grow in popularity over the past five years.

Authentic, passionate and utterly charming, if you want a unique look at the capital's gastronomy scene, French Foodie in Dublin has you covered.

The Happy Pear

When it comes to enthusiasm, these two guys have it in absolute spades.

Dave and Steve, the siblings behind The Happy Pear, are pros at communicating the importance of fresh food, the significance of simple recipes and the value of creating wholesome produce.

Gastro Gays

Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon established their blog back in 2013 and initially intended to review Dublin restaurants, but life got in the way and they ultimately found themselves in London where they really found their voice.

Their enthusiasm, warmth and passion for home cooking makes them two of the most relatable Food Influencers in the industry.



Say goodbye to coffee-stained teeth forever. 

These geniuses have gone and invented the world’s first clear coffee drink.

The product looks suspiciously like regular bottled water but, according to the company’s website, the drink is made from "high quality Arabica coffee beans."

They also say the coffee is made using "methods [that] have never been used before", which sounds both intriguing and absolutely terrifying.

CLR CFF was founded by two Slovakian brothers, David and Adam Nagy, who were fed up with the dreaded teeth-stains that every coffee drinker knows all too well.

David told The Evening Standard:  "We are heavy coffee drinkers… Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe."

He continued, "Because of the hectic lifestyle we lead we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost but is low in calories.”

Not only will CLR CFF provide you with a quick caffeine fix while on the go, but it can also be used to gives cocktails and extra kick. 

The drink has been described as ''unique in taste and flavour'', which doesn't fill us with hope – But hey, if it protects our winning smiles, we'll give it a try.  

This stuff doesn't come cheap though – two bottles sell online for £5.99, and although one bottle is said to last all day, that's still a pretty expensive habit.  

Oh, and while we have you; don't forget to have your say in the inaugural SHEmazing Awards this May! It's time to vote, and you can do it right here!