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It is no secret that we love a good G&T here at SHEmazing HQ, and our penchant for unicorns probably hasn't gone unnoticed either. 

So imagine our delight when we discovered that there is a unicorn gin out there in the world. 

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur combines two of our favourite things, and we need it in our lives.

Pic: Firebox

The pretty pastel bottle has an added extra we can't get enough of – iridescent sparkles distilled in with the gin.

So as well as just having adorable packaging, the gin itself has hints of unicorn magic to it. 

Described as a sweeter gin, it has notes of juniper (duh), candied orange and herbs.


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'Citrusy on the nose, the palate is luscious and flavoursome with an indulgent sweetness and flavours of candied orange, herbs and spice,' reads the notes description. 

You can purchase the mythical substance from Firebox (though they don't ship to Ireland, so you may need to Parcel Motel it over) or from Harvey Nichols.

We'll be taking ten bottles, thanks.


Unicorns are the most magical creatures of all time, so it makes sense that their tears would sparkle. 

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The fabulous folks over at Dapper Coffee have created a shiny blue beverage, that is called Unicorn Tears.

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According to the website, this drink contains no alcohol (but you could add some…), and no caffeine, and is also gluten-free. 

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While we don't actually know what's in Unicorn Tears, we believe it tastes like fresh lemonade, with a touch of glitter. 

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We need to try this, IMMEDIATELY. 



From its Starbucks-scented Christmas collection to its Better Than Sex mascara, Too Faced is well known for its quirky approach to cosmetics.

And not being one to shy away from an eye-catching trend, the beauty giant has released a holographic lipstick shade named after everyone’s favourite mystical creature.

In stick form, the ‘Unicorn Tears’ lip colour appears baby blue, but when applied, it dresses the lips in a shimmering state of iridescent pink.


I'll take 20! #unicorntears @twofacedcosmetics @meccamaxima #lipstick #twofaced #obsessed #musthave

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While ‘Unicorn Tears’ debuted as part of the brand’s La Crème collection this time last year, it has been impossible to track down ever since.


Because the hype surrounding its recent return to market is gaining pace, we’d advise making this purchase ASAP.




Unicorn Tears is the best lipstick  #unicorntears #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #snape #harrypotter #toofaced

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Fun shot! Wig from @gothiclolitawigs  Lips are @toofaced #unicorntears

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Unicorns are mythical creatures, yes?

Ok good, glad we cleared that up. As disappointing as it is for many of us to admit, there are no unicorns hopping on the Luas and there have never been any reports of such an event occurring.

However, gin is not a myth and it is real. However, a new gin variation has arrived that has made us reconsider everything we always thought we knew about mythical creatures and good ole gin.

Gin made from unicorns tears and bottled with mystical silver is now a legitimate beverage. Yes, you did read that correctly.

The very inventive (we would go so far as to say genius) alcohol aficinados at Firebox have managed to bottle the sorrow of every Harry Potter fan’s favourite equine and turn into the new cocktail. We imagine hipsters everywhere are celebrating, if that is still a cool thing to do.

Referred to as “magical mother's ruin" the concoction even contains real silver pieces, so no risk of any werewolves coming along to ruin your day then. It also has some blood orange in there.

Unfortunately, there is one down side to the beverage: it is not cruelty free.

Firebox says "many, many unicorns were harmed in the making of this beverage", and that "those frisky little buggers aren’t easy to snag".

The gin will be launched on 25 September and if you’re feeling keen you can pre-order a bottle on the Firebox website for €55.