This bar offers women discounts based on their heel height (eye roll)


We're both bemused and bewildered by this bar that offers women discounts based on their heel height.

Because… seriously?

We're all partial to Ladies' Night, which is hosted in many pubs, bars and clubs around the world, but Hilton Osaka’s My Place bar in Tokyo has really taken the creepy, sexist biscuit.

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The named 'High Heels Ladies' Night Discount' is, believe it or not, a weekly event which offers women discounts based on the height of their.. you guessed it, heels.

Shoes have to be at least five centimetres in height to qualify for 10 per cent off your drink order.

According to Sora News 24, with every additional two centimetres, you get a further discount.

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And if you have a heel height of 15 centimetres (do you want to break your back?), you will get a "top discount" of up to 40 per cent.

We're so over this kind of sh*t…