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Well, this will be an interesting night out to say the least.

David Hasselhoff is heading to Dublin this weekend, and we bet it'll be a pretty weird and wonderful night out.

He's making his way to Lillies Bordello along with rapper Eve and DJ Afrojack (who we all used to rock to, let's be honest) to launch Gumball 3000 Rally 2016.

Gumball 3000 is basically just fancy cars racing around Europe to see what car will win, and you'll be able to see said fancy cars in Merrion Square on Friday at 12pm.

Eve will be in attendance because she's married to the Gumball 3000 CEO Maximillion Cooper (what a name), who'll also be partying with The Hoff at Lillies.

We're not sure if this is going to be brilliant or a complete disaster but sure, it'll be a laugh if nothing else with that group of celebs.

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Since the news broke that a remake of Baywatch was going to hit our screens, people began to wonder whether David Hasselhoff would make an appearance.

Well you can stop wondering, because it has been confirmed that the Hoff is going back onto the golden shores.

Dwayne Johnson, who is the lead in the new movie, took to his Facebook page to announce the news and spoke to David via videocall.

In the conversation, the Hoff said he was "born ready" to join the movie and he was going to "Rock and Hoff."

We doubt David is going to be prancing around with Dwayne and Zac Efron, but then again, you never know what will come out of this movie.


It's one of the most anticipated reboots of recent years: former Disney star Zac Efron and wrestling legend Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, are teaming up for a big-screen Baywatch movie. 

However, it seems not everyone is happy with the project. And that includes the woman who made the show such a huge international success.

Yes, Pamela Anderson, aka CJ Parker, was asked by TMZ what she thought of the remake going ahead, and she candidly replied that the whole thing is simply a BAD idea.

In fact, the now 48-year-old is deeply unhappy that filming is going ahead at all.

"No one appreciates the remakes," the Canadian actress said.

Pam adds that the Nineties was a "simpler, sweeter time" for TV, and that the concept just won't work on the big screen in 2015.

She furthermore confirmed to the website that, despite widespread rumour that she'd be making a cameo, she was never approached by producers in relation to taking on a small role.

Just this week, The Rock, also a producer on the project, told media that the entire Baywatch cast and crew had "all taken great care and steps in making sure that we do it right".

He went on to explain: "We want to make a big movie, a fun movie, a fun beach movie — bring the beach movie back to the world."

Ms Anderson starred in the hit show, which also showcased the talents of David Hasselhoff, from 1992 until 1997.


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Stop everything. There is going to be a Baywatch film… finally!

The project has apparently been in the works for years with lots of different writers coming on and off board, but it seems things have finally gotten off the ground.

So will the Hoff and Pamela Anderson be re-joining the crew as Mitch and CJ? We hope so, but for now the only confirmed cast member is Dwayne Johson, a.k.a. The Rock, who will take the lead as a hunky lifeguard captain. A strange choice – though he won't look out of place strutting his stuff in those red shorts!

Although the original Baywatch was officially a "drama," the film will be more of a comedy. We can't wait to see how many criminals, natural disasters, drownings, affairs and orphaned runaways they fit into the plot!

Whatever happens, we'll be happy as long as the movie keeps the EPIC theme tune. All together now, "Some people staaand in the darkness…."




Hazel Hasselhoff is taking the fashion world by storm after strutting her stuff down the catwalk in Paris during fashion week, and now she has been signed as the face of Yours Clothing’s summer line.

The 21-year-old model is very excited about her new job:

“I absolutely adore Yours Clothing and the message behind their brand. To have been asked to model their range for the summer, including their swimwear, was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Yours Clothing stock sizes 14 – 32, and Hazel, who is as size 12 – 14, is rocking the summer wardrobe!