A Baywatch movie is in the pipeline… you’ll never guess the star!


Stop everything. There is going to be a Baywatch film… finally!

The project has apparently been in the works for years with lots of different writers coming on and off board, but it seems things have finally gotten off the ground.

So will the Hoff and Pamela Anderson be re-joining the crew as Mitch and CJ? We hope so, but for now the only confirmed cast member is Dwayne Johson, a.k.a. The Rock, who will take the lead as a hunky lifeguard captain. A strange choice – though he won't look out of place strutting his stuff in those red shorts!

Although the original Baywatch was officially a "drama," the film will be more of a comedy. We can't wait to see how many criminals, natural disasters, drownings, affairs and orphaned runaways they fit into the plot!

Whatever happens, we'll be happy as long as the movie keeps the EPIC theme tune. All together now, "Some people staaand in the darkness…."