Hormones not to blame for period chocolate cravings, study finds

Whether you suffer from cramps, bloating and/or irritability, the days leading up to your period are no walk in the park, and for many women, chocolate is the go-to remedy when it comes to alleviating those dreaded PMS symptoms.

But, as it turns out, those cravings could all be in your head – or rather put there by clever advertising and cultural exposure.

According to a study conducted by researchers at the University at Albany, which looked at the PMS symptoms of 275 women in different parts of the world, those born outside the US were 50 per cent less likely to experience menstrual chocolate craving, compared to women born to US-born parents.

The results found that almost half of all American women surveyed experienced chocolate cravings around the time their period was due, however, this figure fell to just 17 per cent for first -generation immigrants living in the US.

It seems that women who display the strongest cravings for chocolate were more likely to be 'westernised' than those who did not.

Researchers suggest that popular culture could contribute to this pattern as it encourages women to use PMS and pregnancy as a socially and personally acceptable excuse to consume 'taboo' foods.

"PMS chocolate cravings are just one example of this process," said nutritionist Georgios Tzenichristos, according to Metro.co.uk,  "which also serve to highlight our own cultural norms and myths in relation to food, cravings and body image."

But, while we may not be able to use the 'hormone' excuse anymore, we're not sure we're ready to say goodbye to those monthly chocolate binges just yet. 

We won't tell if you don't.