Five healthy food swaps you need to know

When you have a craving for an unhealthy snack, it can be hard to beat it without giving into temptation. Simple food swaps can satisfy the craving without overwhelming you with guilt afterwards. Here are five cravings and their food swaps that are better for your health. 

1. Chocolate
When you have a craving for chocolate, choose dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. You need less dark chocolate to satisfy a craving and it contains magnesium and iron. 

2. Sweets
Replace sweets with dried fruit. Even though fruit also contains sugar, it contains nutrients and doesn't have all the additives of sweets.

3. Bread
Opt for oatcakes instead of bread and add healthy toppings to fill you up. They help lower cholesterol and keep you fuller for longer periods of time. 

4. Crisps
If you can't resist a bag of Taytos, choose flatbread as an alternative. You'll find many tasty flavours just like crisps, but without the calories and fat. 

5. Fizzy drinks
Fizzy drinks can be difficult to resist when you're in the mood, but you don't need to abandon the fizz completely. Make your own with sparkling water and juice to satisfy the craving without the high amount of sugar.