‘Touch me one time’: Liam and Cheryl’s vid makes MAJOR waves


Forget swapping keys or moving in together, we all know the mark of true love is when your pet FINALLY lowers their guard and accepts your significant other into their life, right?

Proving this weekend that they really are a legitimate couple, Liam Payne uploaded footage of family life with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, and clocked up almost half a million likes at the same time.

In a clip which shows just how serious Liam and Cheryl have become, fans see Liam's Great Dane, Watson, ignore his 1D owner while happily shooting the breeze with Liam's new bae.

Trying and failing (miserably) to communicate with Watson, Liam opens the floor to Cheryl who not only gets a paw from the adorable pooch, but even works a high-five into the exchange.

Showing he has a sense of humour about getting so seriously pie'd in public, 22-year-old Liam, who's reportedly been dating the former X Factor judge since December, wrote: "When u know you've trained him really well."



When u know you've trained him really well

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