‘My mystery man’: Cheryl just shared a HUGE Liam Payne update

Cheryl's been leading her fans on a merry dance of late, teasing news of her new (possible) relationship with Liam Payne via various social media posts.

Just now she shared yet another massive update, but we're still not entirely sure it's a real romance.

"My mystery man line up," the singer wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of herself, Liam and two, well, mystery men.

She added the hashtags #WhosTheMysteryMan, #WhoIsIt and #WhosWorthIt to really confuse everyone.

While we'd love to think that the Cheryl-and-Liam romance actually was the real deal, the inclusion of #WhosWorthIt has us thinking this could all be a big ploy to promote her new campaign with L'Oreal Paris.

So was Liam just hanging around on set with Cheryl, or is he actually involved in some massive advertising deal with her? Hard to say.

It's not the first time today that Cheryl's Instagram updates has had fans talking, of course.

A few hours ago the X Factor judge amped things up with a selfie that featured what looked suspiciously like Liam Payne's left arm – just look at that purple t-shirt, which also features in the full-length snap of Liam above:

And of course we can't forget Liam's (now deleted) Instagram profiler last week:

Or these comments he left on one of her posts:

What is going on guys?! Just tell us!