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If you grew up in a household that boasted an Irish mammy, you'll know that the reason you 'caught your death' is because you didn't wear a coat in July, the reason you've spots is because 'you won't leave well enough alone' and the reason you got over that last ailment is because she wheeled out the Sudocrem for you.

Yep, long before it became a staple in every girl's make-up bag, our Irish mammies were peddling it like good things, and there wasn't a day that passed that someone in the family didn't bang of the thick white ointment.

In homage to Irish mammies everywhere, the always hilarious Fupin Eejits have uploaded a video which reminds us all of the countless benefits of daubing some good ol' Sudocrem across yourself in times of trauma.

Uploaded to Facebook on Saturday, the video has clocked up a serious 68,000 views and us Irish have wasted no time tagging our siblings and having a right oul laugh at our mammy's expense.

This, girls, is absolute gold.



When a beauty product comes recommended by a celeb, it's usually likely to either A) be impossible to find anywhere or B) cost the same as a new car.

But there's one celebrity-approved beauty buy that we bet you'll have no problems tracking down. Why? You probably have a tub of it in your bathroom cabinet, that's why.

Long a favourite of baby's bums everywhere, the Irish-made Sudocrem is actually a pretty amazing skin-care treatment too.

Indeed, both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and TOWIE star Chloe Sims count themselves as fans, with both ladies swearing by the stuff for spot-busting.

Plus, it now also comes in a cute handbag-sized tube for just €2.40, meaning you won't have to go robbing your mammy's supply.

Here are just a few of the ways celebs and beauty bloggers alike use this Irish favourite…

Killing spots
A quick dab of Sudocrem before bed for a couple of nights on the trot and you should notice that nasty red pimple fading into nothingness. "It really works," says Cheryl.


Night cream
If you've been struggling with redness and breakouts, a thin layer of Sudocrem applied before bed will work wonders. Em from MyPaleSkinBlog says she uses the stuff "a couple of times a week" to help calm her sensitive skin. Just be prepared for white-coated pillowcases the next day!


After shaving
Shaving pro or not, you probably still experience redness and irritation on your legs, underarms or bikini line from time to time. "After you shave, put on some Sudocrem and you'll be fine," says beauty blogger Petite Sal.


Beating dry patches
Elbows, ankles, knees… Apply a good helping before bed to help those pesky dry patches to become silky soft. Do this 24 hours before applying fake tan and you'll be streak-free. 


Helping with sunburn
Burning-hot sunshine is most definitely not a problem we currently have in Ireland, but as well as soothing sunburn, Sudocrem is also good for minor burns. Blistering and peeling, be gone.


As a primer
Go for a very thin layer before foundation to mattify the skin and keep make-up in place. "Since I have combination skin, Sudocrem absorbs the little oil I usually have on my nose, forehead and upper lips," says beauty blogger Hinnah Khalifa. 

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