Cher says ‘I was a bi***’ as she sets to release single same day as Cheryl


Cher Lloyd is set to release her next single the same day as her former X Factor mentor, Cheryl Cole is releasing hers. Awkward much?

Not only are the two to go head to head on the charts, but Cher has revealed that she would love to be close to The X Factor judge again: “I didn’t know it was out on the same day! She was my X Factor mentor! I cannot think of a better person to ask for advice now we are back. We are not in touch but I would like to speak to her. We had an amazing experience together, I hope she feels the same.”

That wasn’t all Cher had to say about her X Factor days however, as she also appeared on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and had some not-so-nice things to say about herself: “It’s funny now I can look back at it being the person I am now, but I’m so embarrassed … The things I would do you wouldn’t believe. I would bite their heads off over something ridiculous because I was wrapped up in this ‘everyone is against me, the press hates me, everyone hates me’ … I’m not making excuses though, Al, I was a bi***.”

Don’t worry, Cher, we all did  embarrassing things as teens!

Hmm, we wonder who will win the battle of the charts?!