Sheet masks can be a thing of wonders. It means all the messy, gooey good stuff will actually end up on your face and not on your bathroom mirror/bed/hairdryer/other half.

However, even though these things are mega-handy, we've never stopped and thought to ourselves, 'hey, this would be great for my boobs'.

Well, the skin-care loving Koreans have made a sheet mask especially for your boobs… and it promises some pretty amazing, yet far-fetched stuff.

Bioxidea, who sell the breast mask, promise from the first use, "skin in the delicate breast and décolleté area appears firmer, more toned and lifted.

"Results are visible within 15-30 minutes and start to peak after 5 hours. Results can last up to 24 hours."

A boob lift in 15 minutes… We're not so sure…