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Ah, Louis Tomlinson. He's the man of many wonders.

He sings, dances, changes nappies… And now he's stripping off his girlfriend in the Mexican sunshine.

TMZ spotted Louis taking some time off from his daddy duties to take a small Mexican holiday with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, who need help with her, erm… tanlines.

One quick swish of the hand later, and Danielle's bikini top was gone, flashing her in all her glory.

Now, whether Louis did this intentionally or by accident, who's to know, but we'd say Danielle (who is a pretty private person) wasn't exactly happy about it. Ooops!



Kim Kardashian left Kanye West fans more than a little flustered after she took to the stage in a very revealing top.

The brand new Mrs West stepped out in front of 100,000 fans wearing a see through top and plunging nude bra.

Tweeting the picture, Kim wrote, “Oh hey 100,000 people!”

She was stood in front of the packed crowd at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee as she waited for her rapper hubby to take to the stage.

While it seems Kim was in fact wearing a bra, some fans were left pretty confused by her style with one tweeting, “Did Kim Kardashian just flash us?!”

Another tweeted, “Looks like marriage hasn’t tamed Kim. Did she forget to wear a bra?!”

Kim later added on Twitter, “#YASSSSS just rocked Bonnaroo,” while posting a picture of Kanye looking ecstatic as she balanced two big glasses of what appeared to be red wine.

Well Kim – if you’ve got it, flaunt it as they say!



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