Why you should become a foundation brush convert!


There are some beauty tools out there that have an unfair reputation for either being a waste of money or just plain useless and, unfortunately, foundation brushes happen to be one of these. We have no idea why, because this couldn't be further from the truth, ladies!

Foundation brushes are an essential part of your make-up bag and should be treated with the respect and awe they deserve!

Here are just five reasons these amazing brushes are essential, useful and just plain fab.

Cost effective!
You use a lot less product when you decide to apply with a brush.  A mere drop of foundation goes so much further than you’d think! We tend to be a little too liberal when applying with our fingers, but because the brush allows the product to be spread much further, you end up SAVING on your foundation! Result.

Smoother finish!
Foundation brushes are specially designed to glide over the skin allowing for a flawless finish. Our fingers don’t do quite the same job, which is why we sometimes end up with a tidemark around our jaw line or smudges near our hairline. Who needs that!

Less mess!
How often have you perfected your look, given yourself a major thumbs up in the mirror only to ruin your outfit with product-smeared fingers? Yeah, us too.  Using a brush, however, ensures that your hands stay product-free which is good news for you and your threads!

Soothing sensation!
OK, who doesn’t love the sensation of their hair being gently brushed by someone else? The sensation of applying foundation with a brush is not dissimilar! Treat yourself every morning with that soothing feeling! Mmmm.

More hygienic!
Whether we want to think about it or not, our hands aren’t exactly germ-free. So what happens when you use those hands to apply something to your face? Exactly. By washing your brushes regularly, (approximately every 2 to 3 weeks) you’ll avoid spreading germs and bacteria across that gorgeous face of yours.

Once you start using a foundation brush, you won't know how you lived without one. Go treat yourself ASAP!