You may never have thought about using a matchmaking service, but in the words of Jordin Sparks, "love is a battlefield". Which is why it can help to have someone who isn’t emotionally involved on your side when it comes to finding Mr. Right. If you were on the fence about signing up to one of these services, here are some points that might just convince you to go for it:

Your dates are screened
Matchmaking services are different from online dating as there is an actual person screening your dates, so you have less chance of finding yourself sitting across from the weirdest guy in the whole wide world.

You can be assured that you have things in common
Your matchmaker will be sure to set you up with someone who has similar values and expectations as yourself. This is a huge benefit, as there is nothing worse than coming across the most perfect guy ever and realising he never, ever wants to have a family when that’s something you really want from life.

Instead of having to spend hours scrolling through a long list of guys you don’t fancy just to find one half decent guy, you can spend your time doing something much more fun, because you’ve paid your matchmaker to do that for you!

Cost effective
A matchmaking service may be costlier, but there is a better chance of meeting someone special as it is tailored specifically to you. Besides, by the time you pay to sign up to all the different online dating sites, and then spend money going on unsuccessful dates, it could even work out cheaper!